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Where We Started
  • Artist: Andrei Arsene
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101103749
  • Item #: SRD110374
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 11/22/2005
  • This product is a special order
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Where We Started on CD

'Energy, groove and good sense of pop/rock song crafting...' '...Very hooky and has commercial appeal' '...genius song structures and well defined production... an impressive young musician that has quite a bit of talent.' Romanian born newcomer Andrei Arsene is quite impressive. I'm not a huge fan of male singer/songwriter music but Arsene's talent is undeniable. The music is acoustic based, bordering on adult contemporary in style but it definitely has that singer/songwriter heart (you know the thing that keeps it from being relegated to the category of 'background music'). The album's title track is easily one of the highlights; the album is wisely named after it. Arsene's voice flows through the song perfectly and the music moves effortlessly. 'Distress on Main Street' is another highlight here, with it's humble and bare beginning and well-written lyrics. This isn't Arsene's best vocally but it's a wonderful song regardless. The jazz feel of 'New Day' makes for a nice change of pace on the album and shows Arsene's versatility off, as does the uptempo, pop country tinged 'In Your World' that follows it. Overall this is a solid effort that makes me anxious to hear more. MARK FISHER @ 1340MAG.COM Biography Andrei Arsene was born in Romania in 1984, and has been obsessed with music (especially guitars) ever since he was a kid. 'I even had a small plastic toy guitar to play with,' he recalls. 'We were inseparable! One time when a local band was playing at some restaurant, I couldn't control myself, grabbed the guitar, and stormed the stage and jammed along with them.' His family moved to the Netherlands in 1990, and it was around this time that he finally grew into the guitar skills that had been waiting within him. He also learned to play the piano and drums, joining a handful of different bands throughout high school in an effort to perfect his skills. He even admits to being expelled from school on more than one occasion for consistently skipping classes in favor of playing guitar. In 2004, at the age of twenty, Andrei decided to pursue music more seriously, and he applied to the Conservatory of Rotterdam, where he is currently studying music production. He also decided it was time to do something with the material he had been accumulating over the years, and so he took a job in order to make money to transform his bedroom into a project studio, where he immediately started putting things down on tape. Now, it is Andrei's mission to get his music heard. He has dreams of touring in the United States, and has taken several steps toward making that happen, including working with various online and radio outlets to help generate some buzz. He has also released the stunning EP, Where We Started, and is getting ready to release his debut full-length album in September. Along the way, he has started generating interest from various record labels, and is keeping his fingers crossed. 'Basically, I just want to be able to, at some point, make a living out of what I do best,' says Andrei, 'which is music. My ultimate goals would be getting my stuff on the shelves and doing a lot of shows. It doesn't necessarily have to be a major record deal, although I wouldn't mind! But whether I'm releasing my music myself or through a big-shot label, as long as people are buying the record because they're enjoying the music, I'm happy!'

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