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My World
  • Artist: Andres Osorio Toledo
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479228209
  • Item #: SRD922820
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 11/1/2005
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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My World on CD

Andres Osorio Toledo: Washbrun, Digitech, Randall Sponsored Artists. I started playing at the age of nine and I studied at the 'Academia Latinoamericana de Guitarra' where I took classical music training for four years based on Walter Piston and Juaquin Zamocois. When I was 13 I took personal lessons for five years with the best Colombian guitarist at that time (Juan Carlos Ramirez- Knuto). These lessons were focused on 80's virtuosity and technique development. At 18 I took lessons on oboe in the (Sinfonica Juvenil de Colombia). When I left I formed a Heavy Metal band called Sanleslot for three years. This proyect recorded a single called Depresion. I attended several guitar clinics based on Richie Kotzen, Jennifer Batten and Calentano techniques among others. I studied harmony and jazz improvisation, and taught jazz harmony and special rock guitar techniques at the Universidad Unilatina for two years. During this period I created the 'symetry for scales and chords that doesn't belong to a progression', 'Chromatism between modal systems and regional scales', 'Alternate Picking Mode', 'Exotic Linal Chords', 'Stretching Legato'. All of this material will be out in a book later 2004. In 2001 I signed a contract with WASHBURN GUITARS and recorded/produced a progressive rock CD called 'The Burning Glass Project' I recorded for this album guitars, bass, keyboards, sitar, and percussion/computer programming. In May 2003 I signed a contract with Digitech. At this time I'm doing clinics to promote WASHBURN, Randall and Digitech products, Upcoming projects include a commercial CD with singer Tattiana Kallman. An Instrumental CD recorded with Manuel Gutierrez on bass entitled Dual Sound, and a CD with Colombian Singer/Songwriter Camilo Atuesta I have also started working on my next Solo CD Titled THE POWER OF BLOOD.