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Media Ghost
  • Artist: Andrew Foster
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479841859
  • Item #: SRD984185
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 7/22/2008
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Media Ghost on CD

Some songwriters invest themselves in the melody, creating a tune that carries emotions and influences the mood of an audience. Others prefer to craft lyrics explicitly laying their feelings bare for the listener or fashioning stories that express their thoughts. All too few are the musicians who can do both, but Andrew Foster stands deservedly in their company. Only a young man, Foster has already created waves, not only in his hometown of Portsmouth, but up and down the South Coast and on his regular trips to London to play at some of the capital's most popular venues for unsigned music (Jealous of the Daylight @ Covent Garden, for one). With a strong set of songs crafted in intimate venues, Andrew has long written in a way that takes elements from his strongest influences, names like Neil Young, Ryan Adams, and underrated Brit David Ford, and threads them through his own stories and tunes to create a unique sound that reflects the life he leads through the simple beauty of voice and guitar. Working alongside Loz and, more recently, Chris 'B Of The Bang' Whitear, Foster has rapidly become a central cog of a rapidly growing Portsmouth music scene that has at it's centre a core of experimental musicians, each working with the other and drawing collective and individual experiences and influences together to create a mood of encouraging and friendly competitiveness. With his music moving on so rapidly, it was inevitable that Andrew Foster's next step would be to produce his own album, drawing on his own formidable production and engineering skills and the influences of friends and band mates. Thus Media Ghost is born, a collection of Foster's best songs, grouped together as pieces of a single entity. From the opening soundscapes of 'Personal Legend', setting the feelings Foster had from reading Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist (no relation to Foster's song of the same name, written long before he'd picked up the book) and using Bridge's keyboard to flesh out the melodies in Foster's head, this is an album to be listened to properly, it almost begs to be listened to on an old stereo, a disc of vinyl spinning in a darkened room, the better to properly absorb the music pouring out. More conventional songs, from 'Watching Clocks' with it's uncanny ability to open up even the frostiest audiences, and 'The Golden Hour', it's talk of sunsets giving it an air of lazy summer evenings and a flavour of what it's like to walk the waters edge along Old Portsmouth as the last rays of daylight glint on the rippling water, sit alongside the likes of 'Media Ghost's pure, Dylan-esque folk and 'Ten Green Bottles', a mix of Beatles style rhythm changes and Neil Young imagery blended on the theme of chances, and whether to take them. Ending on the heartrendingly stunning 'Something To Believe In', a song that encompasses all of Foster's song writing elements and stabs straight through to the soul. This album has to be heard to truly understand the wealth of technique, lyrical dexterity and, most importantly emotional investment, involved!