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Desire on CD

\'One of my loves in life is hearing a great band play for the very first time ... with hints of almost Chris Isaac and even Nick Cave in there it's a sound that hasn't been over-done in recent times like many indie-rock bands ... [and] the incredibly original sound is obviously very carefully crafted by Andrew Keese and wonderfully executed by his band The Associates.\' - Chris Murray / What makes a band or a song writer unique? Is it the creation of a style or a fashion? Producing a sound which has never been heard before? Or is it nothing more than a simple timelessness, the kind of music which has no distinct place in the past, present or future? Andrew Keese and the Associates make no claim to being particularly new or different. Keese\'s approach to song writing is tempered by, in his own words, \'an almost unavoidable and unremarkable traditionalism\'. In response, the Associates\' playing is understated, unadorned, moody and dynamic. This music doesn't insist that you listen; it simply seeks to reward those who do. Their music is self-described as literate, intelligent and poignant pop/rock, a statement justified by Keese\'s well wrought lyrics and sensitive musical arrangements. On \'Desire\', the subtly brilliant production by one of Australia\'s finest producers, Tony Cohen (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Go-Betweens, The Beasts of Bourbon and many others) brings the album\'s sprawling emotional vision to life, leaving the songs unpolished and raw while still giving the work a rich sonic depth. As with any debut, comparisons to existing artists are inevitable. What sets Andrew Keese and the Associates apart is the sheer breadth of connections that have been already made by music critics and commentators alike. Upon the release of the first single from the album, this list included the following: Chris Isaac, Nick Cave, Roy Orbison, David Bowie, Pulp, Augie March, Ron Sexsmith, Morrissery, The Autuers and others. In reality, it is some of them, and none of them, at the same time. The fact is, you probably will hear echoes of the past in \'Desire\'. But once you delve beneath the surface, you may indeed find something truly new and unique.