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Quantum Music
  • Artist: Andrew
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479177170
  • Item #: SRD917717
  • Genre: Alternative Rock
  • Release Date: 5/31/2005
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Quantum Music on CD

NOTICE: ANDREW PRAISEWORD is also known as 'Andrew', 'Andrew 1111' or 'Andrew P. (of Toronto)'. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All his recordings have copyright notice with the mentioning of 'Andrew P.', or 'Andrew Praiseword'. Currently CD BABY is the only official source of the distribution of his CD album QUANTUM MUSIC (written in December 2007; album released in May 2005). Please, don't buy his bootlegged recordings or downloads from any unauthorized sources! If you are aware of such activities please e-mail to (Written in December, 2007) QUANTUM MUSIC - NEW MUSIC? This is an EP ('extended play') album consisting of four songs. All the words, music, performance, and production by Andrew (Andrew Praiseword). Recorded in his home studio in Toronto (Canada). Though the artist had a rock band and songwriting experience in the deep past (during his previous life in Kiev, Ukraine), he had stopped composing songs in 1988. Then, unexpectedly for himself, after being silent for more than twelve years, in December of the year 2000, 5 years after he'd immigrated to Canada, he wrote the song again. This time in English. It's already happened in the past that he had written pretty strong lyrics (in Russian). But this one was something absolutely different... It was done in minutes. Almost no corrections. The words were falling on Andrew right from the sky... Oh, my... Yes! Here is the song. This very one, which started the chain of later creations, which Andrew had to suppress, because he doesn't have time to produce recordings with the pace he is writing the words and music... The song is LIFE ON THE KNIFE. MAMA, I WILL NEVER DO A CRIME is about the boy who was taught that being good is cool... After Andrew decided to release a studio level album with multitrack recorder, he made this track first. It was in the beginning of March of 2005. (Date of release Jan.1, 2005 posted on some Web sites is incorrect, album, including the label's graphic, was finished on 9th of May of 2005.) It was produced in the unusual style of the Blues-Rock balancing between the exquisite Chamber Classical music and astonishing Hip-Hop spicy beat. Next three compositions recorded by Andrew from April 14th to May 3rd slide, though at a different degree, to the side of Hip-Hop, accompanying by traditional, if the word 'traditional' can be relevant to the author's texts, 'song-driven' lyrics. LIFE ON THE KNIFE is a song about the guy who ran into something like a ship crush, so now he has to swim... This is the first song written by Andrew after years of silence. It's presented now rather like Hard Rock with slightly 'Hip-Hoped' riff. Retrospective lead guitar inspired by 'The Shadows' is winning the competition with two more metal seasoned challengers, when three solos are colliding on the edge of the bridge and the verse three. DANGEROUS FRIEND is about the young man who met the strange woman, which was surrounded by different pretty scary things, like, for example, the biting doll... The track has obvious influence of Hip-Hop with two drums and rear proto-metal sound. Even the resemblance of the main riff to the immortal FLIGHT OF THE DRONE cannot bring any classical taste to it. The eminently primitivist's and touching lead guitar is stunning from the beginning of the bridge. Pretty simple, but solid... Cool! At last, COME AND HELP. Oh, boy... Is this HELP and YESTERDAY in one track? (Yes it is!) This is a genuine hard-rocking love song by Andrew. It is based on the close to Hip-Hop permanently fluctuating drum and bass as well. It has a couple of terrific guitar solos, including the reminiscence of Jimi Hendrix styled chords mixed with a kind of Klaus Schulze spiced synth (played by the guitar) after the last verse. Wow... Mama, I want to hear it again! May 9th, 2005 Toronto, Canada FROM THE REVIEWS ON 'MAMA I WILL NEVER DO A CRIME' '...I like the song because it's different, and it doesn't follow any of the same rules, formulas, or moulds that most other songs follow'. - faz_7E Cromwell, Connecticut 'I don't think I've heard anything like this before. Are there real drums mixed with the machine? Sounds like some mellow stuff, but there is a certain hip-hop type thing going on too'. jmackinder Chelsea, Michigan '...The vocals are way to be buried in the mix and to me this is the highlight because the lyrics are really good'. Spewbag Traverse City, Michigan.