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Numbers Colors & People
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Numbers Colors & People on CD

(Full-length album- works for solo piano) Numbers, Colors and People is a distinctive blend of popular, ambient, minimalist and "vaguely classical" sensibilities. "NCP" is produced by Shapiro's mentor, Michael Riesman, the longtime producer and musical director for Philip Glass. ABOUT ANDREW SHAPIRO Fusing vocals with ambient streams and pulses, ANDREW SHAPIRO merges classical and popular sensibilities, 'blending the minimalist influence of Philip Glass with the moody pop sensibility of '80s New Wave' (New Music Box magazine). His second EP Quiet Kissing (2006), is an eclectic mixture of neo-'80s pop, longing ambient textures and solo piano while Shapiro's recording debut, Invisible Days (2003) was named one of the 'Top 12' individually produced recordings of the year by Performing Songwriter magazine. Shapiro performs as a soloist and with his group Airbox and regularly composes for notable film and theater projects. He also performs his solo piano music at McDonald's in downtown Manhattan Sundays throughout the year. He received an extensive profile in the Sunday New York Times headlined 'Quarter Pounder With Keys' and was featured as the 'Best Pianist in a Fast-Food Restaurant' in the 'Best of New York' issue of the Village Voice. Shapiro studied composition at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Raised in Larchmont, NY, he currently lives and composes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. SELECTED PRESS "There's an interesting subgroup of composers blending aspects of art song and pop...Andrew Shapiro is a notable practitioner." -Alex Ross, The New Yorker "It's kind of hard to describe what it is, it's a flowing piece that ebbs and tides. You get absorbed into it for a while and come out." -The New York Times "...[Shapiro] creates lightly propulsive rhythms so memorable that he can break away and try different textures in the midst of the songs without losing the thread. The result is both accomplished and highly enjoyable." -Performing Songwriter magazine "A Philip Glass protégé who knows his minimalism, but isn't averse to simple melody. This NYC composer bridges the gap between aggressive avant-gardism and abstract dream pop. Fans of Sigur Ros ought to thrill at finding such a properly hypnotic state-sider." "Beautiful. Aaaaahhh. What a breath of fresh air...after endless pop records, I finally get this deep gentle, moving solo piano music! Simple but breathtakingly beautiful, this is truly a work of classical magnitude. If you are a fan of the works of Chopin, Debussy and Glass, you'll be grateful that Shapiro has graced us philistines with such sublime work." -Kent Meinhart, Reviewer Magazine "...Shapiro's creation is dreamy- the slowly rocking tempos and overlapping sounds lull the ear and the mind into a contemplative state I previously thought could only be experienced by actors in independent films." -Molly Sheridan, New Music Box.

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