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Hard Way
  • Artist: Andy Burch
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479833656
  • Item #: CDBY983365
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 7/1/2008
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Hard Way on CD

Andrew Burch is an actor turned songwriter, from Taradale. His raw and untapped creativity has been uncompromisingly explored over the past 3 years, which he spent in Melbourne, riding the train and opening his eyes. The Hard Way is his debut release as an independent artist, which is no mean feat, in a fickle and fantastical industry that preys upon the unwary and the impressionable. We are confident that it shall not be his only foray into the music industry. Andrew has a familiarity with the thespians of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, who may remember him from such Napier Operatic Society productions as... well, there were many, but Blood Brothers (2001) and Sweeney Todd (2000) are fondly remembered. He learned to engage an audience on the local stages, and to love the result. As a teen, he found localized rock n roll expression with the late 90's Progressive Metal band, Trauma, in which he gallivanted as the often-topless front man. These days his top stays on. Trauma in it's hey-day was an experimental- and energetic act, that gained a popular following playing at "the State of It" and various bars of the day. At 10 years old Andrew can remember, "Spying out an old nylon stringed guitar." His Mum's, and he picked it up. He has never been without one since. "I had two lessons from a well-known local teacher when I was 14, but I never went back...Ha ....I probably should've". Proud to be a self-taught guitarist, his only real lessons came in the form of jamming, staying up all night with experienced players, in NZ, and in Melbourne. His theatrical background is evident throughout The Hard Way, lyrically, and in the characterization of his voice. "I'm writing about myself, my surroundings, the situations I'm in, relationships...that sort of stuff." The lyrics contain an element of storytelling, and the characters in the songs ask listeners to pay attention. "I'm probably not gonna write stuff like don't cha wish ya girlfriend was hot like me? Because, to be honest, that is not going to help anybody do anything." He believes that musicians and songwriters who are fortunate enough to make it, have a responsibility to be intelligent about the content of the songs they let people hear, and more respectful of the intelligence of the listener. Like an over-inflated sideshow clown's balloon, the music on The Hard Way goes POP!!!! "I'd say folk rock, at the moment, but I'm no pigeon living in a pigeon hole." says Andrew with regard to the genre (or pigeon hole) he fits into. Andrew is careful to craft musical "hooks" that make The Hard Way musically profound and catchy, and many listeners have been caught singing said "hooks", days after introduction to the music. The Hard Way is the recording of Andrew's diaries/thoughts/musings/ tirades/ love-letters-unsent/shopping lists and dreams, then set to the music of his imagination. It was recorded with the assistance of some of Melbourne's finest muso's, at Blue Eye Rock Studios in Melbourne. "I was lucky to have worked with these exceptional artists, and to have made some awesome mates." The Hard Way is a family affair with Andrew's older brother, David playing the drums. The production work and finishing touches were applied by gifted producer Dirty Murphy, owner of Blue Eye Rock Studios. The Hard Way is the way things seem to go sometimes, well, most of the time isn't it? But who's complaining? Not Andrew Burch... That's for sure.