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Times & Places
  • Artist: Andy Cato
  • Label: Apollo Records
  • UPC: 5055274702230
  • Item #: 582555X
  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 5/14/2013
List Price: $17.98
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Times & Places on CD

Andy Cato... Groove Armada of course & before that Beat Foundation as well as Journey Man, Big C, the System, 7th Sense & a whole array of others. That's some pedigree,..This album has been gestating for some time, almost 20 years (the 1st from '93). 'I was travelling back from a gig recently & had an idea for a tune. I was just jotting it down & thought, I've been doing this for ages, I wonder where all the others are?' So I went to find the remaining fragments & try & put them together. Every one of these songs immediately takes me back to a place & a time where it happened.' Sorting through corrupt discs, snapped 8 track tapes, withered floppy discs & the plain missing, part of the process of creating the LP has been the search & in a few cases, restoration.'Most of them have not been touched,' explains Andy. 'I've had to recreate 1 or 2 as they were on C90s and even if you like the lo-fi it was just too much but some were in great nick.' This is a personal record through the mortal maze of dance. 'I did it for me, I was worried that anyone else might not have the same feelings when they heard the tracks but I played it to some people & they seemed to get caught up in the journey as well.' from squat raves to gigs in front of 100k people to arriving at an LA gig on a Camel. It's a history of the past 20 years through the lens of 1 person. Enjoy the ride!

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