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  • Artist: Andy Monaco
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 880074071225
  • Item #: CDBY407122
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/3/2006
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Maybe on CD

MAYBE- the album Andy Monaco, an icon in Zion, releases his newest and biggest CD to date. Having shared the stage with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, John Mayall, Mose Allison, Jose Feliciano and many others, this veteran of several decades of rock and roll, is back. The music is original and upbeat. Big drums, horn sections and pretty girls in short skirts singing background vocals. Test drive this "Delorean" of singer-songwriters. You'll see the reason for so much excitement in this new release. Starting with 'Strong Dog Blues", and next to 'Maybe", the title track, the difference between Andy and 'the others' will be apparent. This guy is an original. Here; let him speak for himself... Well, this has been an album long in the making... MAYBE started production in January '06, and arrived Sept. '06. Nine months. What a coincidence! For the uninitiated, albums start with songs recorded as simple as can be. Scratch tracks, usually (for us), guitar and vocal. Copies are passed out to musicians, charts are made, revised and remade, and rehearsals put together. More changes, more charts, more revisions.... In the case of MAYBE, we recorded bass guitar, drums, electric guitar and piano simultaneously. I wanted the 'live' feel that ensemble playing gives you. We did add the congas, cello and horn sections at a later date. We then 'scratch' the guitar and vocal tracks, and re-record them to the now finished ensemble. Not so tricky in the hands of expert recording engineers. Thank you Herc (see credits). Each of the songs on this album, as they were written and performed, had personalities that needed to be respected. As 'producer', it is required for me to hear these parts beforehand (in my head) and develop and approve the parts that these most capable musicians presented. Just for the record, in the real world, being the producer is more than a full time task. (ftt) Being the 'songwriter' is a ftt. Being the 'name' talent is a ftt. Being the bandleader is a ftt. Running a 'straight' business (to finance the project) is a ftt. Breaking up with your girlfriend (True Love) is a major ftt. Healing is a ftt. And here we are. Album in hand, reviews starting to flow in. Band is rehearsed, gigs booked and it's a new and rosey world. I do hope that you enjoy this album. Please notice that there isn't much music like this out there. I (jokingly) say that there might be a good reason for that (smile). This is real music straight from the heart. A place we have all been to before. Please enjoy the visit. Thank you. L. Andy Andy trance-talk on 'Maybe' Because it's a labor of love, it was unearned. Something like this should be done, so I do it. If there was no result other than the record and the process, that would be sufficient. That's all I want. The music. I'm exposing myself, but sharing the playful, delightful interesting facets in an honest way. There's not a lot of people doing that. I'm kind of dated on one hand and novel on the other. I love the surprises in terms of the greatness and prowess of today's technology, the complexity of dealing with people as a producer. How remarkable it is when you get somebody to pull something out of nothing. I always keep in mind that none of this existed. You can make something out of nothing. That's the joy. A garden of 11 tunes. Every time one was weak, I'd nurture it. The midwife, the custodial parent. Maybe is an adolescent. The creating is the joy. Some of it is in the performance, which takes more time, more skills. This is the cakewalk. I'm proud of this work. Proud of the songs. The performances. Proud of the ideas that were dished to me (like a lateral football pass). For me to say "I'm a genius" misses the point. The gift is that when I set the table, they show up. That makes me special. I have a really good antenna. What stands out? The emotion. Every song is riddled with emotions. That's it. The strength of that emotion is kind of jarring. Andy manifesting some of his emotional extremes. The concept of Maybe is choice. The choice to record an album. To write, select words. Melody. Everything. Everything, everything, everything is choice. The Maybe icon reflects that we are our choices. A power that helps us choose. Deeper than the event. Longer than the event. If you pick the right advisor, it will be a good decision. It's a beacon. It's not like you need to be awfully smart to see the light. Like bugs seeing ultraviolet. The proper path is brighter. You don't have to weigh the issues. The lights are already on that one. It's instinctive AND it's a conscious decision. Sometimes you've got to stand at the 'Y' and wait. When the choice is not intuitively clear, you have to deliberate. You look for the signs. Curious to see what's inside. An incongruity between the cover and the work and the emotions These are resonant emotions that you can't live even a short life without. And these are normal feelings. The explanation and relating that... although not poetic, there's imagery in a left handed way as it conjures images of people, places, events. It's like green as far as the eye can see. It brings out the best in people who are listening. It's the commonality. It is said in a novel way. We've moved on and we can cherish this and be inspired by it and carry a new awareness. There's a Spring aspect to this. The Maybe metaphor implies a hard decision made. You just don't live a viable life in Maybe. Bust a move. Maybe represents a beginning and the ending all together. One fork is the end and one is the start. You choose the one and you've unchosen the other. There's some vitality to the path taken. And the demise of the one not taken. Life is good. Eat your dessert whenever you want. Everyone is an artist. You will be fine. Enjoy!! .