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Designer Heat
  • Artist: The Angel Sluts
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884501048927
  • Item #: CDBY104892
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 1/6/2009
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.14
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Designer Heat on CD

The Angel Sluts 'Designer Heat' (WRECKED 020) RELEASE: 11/4/08 Rock-and-roll is Friday night, getting-off-work-with-a-paycheck music. It should be concentrated fun. If Hot Teen Action, the band's 2006 EP, owed a lot to the Ramones and the Dead Boys, then Designer Heat's an even more aggressive affair. The disc comes on full-throttle and stays there for 11 tracks, with hammering drums, slashing guitars, soul clapping, and unhinged no-fi vocals. Dynamics are a totally foreign concept. Sluts' frontman Harry Koniditsiotis croaks lines about drinking wine, hanging out at anachronistic soda fountains, and the CIA at the absolute edge of intelligibility. Koniditsiotis, who also fronts the Nick Cave-inspired Twin Pilot, writes for an Americana-gothic audience, bringing the grime-glam of textures of Joy Division and the Suicide Twins to bear on the blue-collar frankness of Harlan Howard. Designer Heat is being released on Memphis' Wrecked 'Em Wreckords, a tiny punk-rock label with a big reputation for living down it's name ... in a good way. ? Chris Davis, The Memphis Flyer Review from NO FRONT TEETH (U.K.) Marco / NFT === The Angel Sluts - 'DESIGNER HEAT' CD This killer debut from The Angel Sluts is oozing with that unmistakable Memphis punk rock 'n' roll swagger, it's wild, gritty, out of control and f***ing truly ROCKS - and that's not an expression I use often at all but I got no choice here!! There's definitely a raucous Rip Off edge to this, a touch of the REDS or LIDS...fuzzy, distorted and very addictive. We were all honestly really excited about this full-length coming out and we still spin their split with the SIX STRING JETS (also on Wrecked-Em) all the f***in time so if we had top tens, 'Designer Heat' would definitely make it on all of ours...all the punk, rock 'n' roll, garage, rock and bluesy elements gel together so damn well that it's f***ing faultless, I can not recommend this know, f*** it, this is my record of the year...just in there in December (knocked Autistic Youth off the top spot) I'm fully addicted. RECOMMENDED TRACK (FCC friendly): "What Do They Say"

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