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Ave Maria
  • Label: CD Baby
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  • Release Date: 3/24/2009
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Ave Maria on CD

Angel Stream is an unique unit followed by a guitarist, Masayuki Chiyo, his play is like a singing, and a soprano singer, Maiko Horisawa, her voice is like a melody. Both are the best known musicians in various fields such as cinema, animation, and TV programs in Japan. The unit name, Angel Stream, makes it happen by their songs to listeners to feel angels inside of the listeners' hearts, and make them happy to feel like a floating on the cloud. Chiyo Masayuki: Guitar grown up in large sound of records as a son of audio maniac mechanical technologist. The music diversed from classic to jazz, which Masayuki in childhood felt as beautiful sound from heaven. Masayuki started playing guitar at age of ten when his brother gave it to him. As playing a guitar, Masayuki started thinking passionately to play the sound of records that he was exposed to. In 1979, Masayuki made a successful debut with 'Mellow Guitar Vibration'. He became a recognized top guitarist in Japanese musice scene, since then he has energetically produced many different genre of music every day. He produced the Ending theme of 'Atsuhime' the NHK TV series as his a representative work and created more than 1000 commercial, TV drama, and movie songs. The crystal-clear sound of his guitar such that falling from heaven attracted many musicians and played in many tours with Mariya Takeuchi, Ryoko Moriyama, Sayuri Ishikawa and Yumiko Samejima. Last year, Masayki released his first solo album ' Bouillon' as his 30th anniversary. The album includes a theme songs of popular NHK TV show of ' Science Zero'. Maiko Horisawa: Vocal In her childhood, Maiko's favorite play was singing in double role (in most, Japanese childrens' song, 'Inuno Omawarisan' or 'Dog policeman' in English). Sorrounded by medical families, she faced the contradiction of the ones to save people's lives but the others to take off their lives in wars, and started wondering how the world could be happier place to all. Maiko had an opportunity to sing abroad in her choir as a teenager, and through the experience she recognized the greatness of music that unite people with different language without translation. Since then, Maiko devoted her life to sing with selfless love to pursue the world with no war. She was educated proffessionaly in singing course at Kunitachi University of Music and Fujiwara Opera company. She hold many solo concerts both in Japan and abroad, in New York. She released her first album ' Sol Aula Vita - Sun, wind and life-' and ranked as a top healing album in Kansai area, western side of Japan. Maiko also participated in production of of the movie 'Charlie and Chocolate plant'(Japanese version), 'Eureka Seven '(animation) Amaging Grace, main theme Playstation 2 and other commercial songs. In 2007, she released 'Wonderful world' as her 10th anniversary and in 2008 Maiko performed with Japanese pop-singer, Fumiya Fujii, at Roppongi Hills for 'Save the Children' charity concert.

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