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Were So Loved
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Were So Loved on CD

For twenty five years, I have been a therapist to the underground of society. Wandering the concrete jungle, meeting with prostitutes, strippers, homeless and the criminal organization known as the Mafia, my work has been wide range and has touched many lives some of my experiences I've been through and how you can benefit yourself from life's hardships. Angels speak to all of us. You just have to learn to listen. How do you listen? You need to quiet your body down and use your sixth sense. Maybe, life is too hectic for you. Hard job, demanding boss, small children and a dog named Beethoven sometimes make it difficult for us to slow down. In my talks , I would like to share some of these messages about love, faith, hope and healing. What Dying is like,What does a soul look like,What Heaven is like, My own experience with God and our Angels. My life has always been one that has unfolded out in front of me, creating a path of faith for me to follow in God's ultimate arrangement of my life. I never knew where my angels would lead me, but I had some ides of what I was suppose to do. I was put on this earth to help many types of people in need. Most of my life was shrouded in darkness. Sex, drugs, murder and mayhem were spread out in front of me like a Las Vegas 2.99 buffet of all you would want to consume. To me this situation was living. As my friend Don Adams would say (from "Get Smart"), "and loving every minute of it." Don't misunderstand me; I wasn't involved with this activity. In fact, this activity scared me to death, but at the same time scared the life into me. It kept me alive; giving me a calling to live. My vocation, my passion was in helping people. I was there to help, to pray and to calm down people during their time of crisis. Even though, I was walking in dangerous company, I felt protected by my angels. I felt that I was always guided to the people I needed to be with. I also am a professional Angelic Speaker Medium, Angelic Dance Choreographer, Performer, Photographer, Holistic Health Professional and budding graphic artist. Many well known radio celebrities, both nationally and internationally, have worked with me. Among those celebrities have been Gary Owens, Ronnie Schell, Shot Gun Tom Kelly, Al Lohman from Lohman and Barkley, Smothers Brothers, George Carlin, Pauley Shore , Bobbie Ruffin, Don Rickles, Wayne Newton and Tim Conway. Most recently, I was able to work with Judy Carter, author of The Comedy Bible, Sandy Hackett, and Phyllis Diller - just to name those on the 'short list'.