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  • Artist: Anger of the Lamb
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 678277041721
  • Item #: SRD704172
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 9/24/2002
  • This product is a special order
Price: $14.69
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Extrovert on CD

In an age stripped of priority, and clothed in the illusion of the grand scheme, I give unto you that which has been written and prophesied. Realization of a dream, separation from the herd, and the never ending search for individual identity have defined how and why this has come to be, how and why I have come to be. We are but the sheep that follow a shepherd of mediocrity, feeding on his calls of content like a child to his mother's milk. Safe not to disturb the direction we have been given, we follow those who have been slaughtered before us accepting our fates without contemplation. Amongst the forgotten a lamb is born. A child of innocence, he walks with the wicked to discover a world that lies beyond the reach of the shepherd's staff, a world where freedom, passion, control, and belief still exist, A place where emotions paint the picture of a dream, a dream destined for reality. Anger of the Lamb is the brainchild of one; Brian James Snell, 24. A fusion of synthesis and emotion, Introvert has become a vehicle for medication, reflection, damnation, and reconciliation for the artist as well as those who have witnessed and experienced it's capabilities of metamorphosis and Self-evolution since it's conception one year ago. Now the Day of Judgment is upon us, and the fate of Anger of the Lamb rests at your feet. This is what I have become, and I humbly hold it out before you in an attempt for unity, understanding, and greater connection of identity and reality amongst the sheep that will no longer follow the shepherd of content. This is Anger of the Lamb. In March 2001, Brian James Snell, the then lone musical force behind Anger of the Lamb, teamed up with the existing members of 60 Miles Down determined to recreate the entire Introvert experience so it would be more suitable for live performance. After several months of rehearsal and re-working, Anger of the Lamb finally made it's live debut on July 21st, 2001 with overwhelming success and public approval. Since then, Anger of the Lamb has continued to develop a strong and sturdy fan base throughout the Metropolitan area through live performances, word of mouth, and aggressive promotional tactics. Amazed by the results, and overwhelmed by the response that the live experience received, Anger of the Lamb decided to head into the studio to capture the magic. After 8 months of recording, Anger of the Lamb's 'Extrovert' will accurately document and chronicle the evolution of Introvert's songs as experienced live. Extrovert is expected to open the eyes of all who have failed to recognize the will and hunger of the independent musician, and will solidify the legitimacy, consistency, and foreshadowed longevity of the Anger of the Lamb Project. Anger of the Lamb continues to stay the course of unity, passion, focus, and control, and moves one step closer each day in the fulfillment of their musical goals and aspirations. This is only the beginning ..This is Anger of the Lamb.

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