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Bedroom Body: Booty Burner, Core and Pelvic Floor
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Bedroom Body: Booty Burner, Core and Pelvic Floor on DVD

Bedroom BodyÖ, by Angie Miller, is a core focused total body conditioning program that uses combination exercises to train your heart and tone your muscles. Three targeted workouts are included: Buff Body Blast, Booty Burner, and Core & Pelvic Floor. The first workout, Buff Body Blast, keeps your heart rate elevated as it sculpts and defines your muscles. With exercises that combine upper and lower body movements to boost intensity and target multiple muscle groups, this 30 minute workout gives you maximum results in minimum time. Designed to condition your core, the exercises are challenging but easy to follow; moving at an energetic pace to boost your metabolism and burn fat. The Second Workout, Booty Burner, is the "wonder bra for your butt," with exercises designed to lift, shape, and firm your backside. Strong, sexy glutes will get you into your skinny jeans, but better yet they'll support your lower back and increase your body's overall strength. As a bonus, Angie gives you tips on how to strengthen your pelvic floor. Get ready for a tight tush in 10 minutes. The Third Workout, Core and Pelvic Floor, will chisel your middle and give lean, defined torso. With exercises designed to strengthen your abdominals and lower back, you'll see visible results. While six pack abs may be your only goal, this twelve minute core conditioner will also improve your balance and posture, making your workouts more effective. Angie's energetic, encouraging style will motivate you to succeed; and her informative cueing will help you perform the movements safely, giving you the results you're looking for. This 3-in-1 workout is packed with options. Five pre-mixes are included to target different trouble spots and give you shorter workout options. You can do the complete workout, or mix and match to meet your exercise goals. Equipment Needed: Exercise Mat or Towel, One Set of Dumbbells, One Heavier Dumbbell (optional).

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