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Peep Show
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Peep Show on CD

The Animated Coochie Wonders, affectionately referred to as The Coochies, were born when Captain Coochie, an avant-garde composer and percussionist, and Count Coochie, a classical violinist, came together through their not-so-secret love of dance music, a need to laugh, and a vintage drum machine. Over many late night sessions a real sound took shape, and the two were soon creating twisted rhythms and sexually charged, cheeky lyrics, nearly too ridiculous to perform. With soaring lead vocals by the glamourous Coochie Supreme, and haunting speech by miss Coochie Galore, Animated Coochie Wonders have created their own style of intense dance music at once catchy and obscure, beautiful and rough. Their live shows bring the coochie experience to the next level. With exquisite video projections by The Cockmaster and Coochie Supreme's outrageous stage presence, ACW have garnered the praise of such New York luminaries as Kenny Kenny and Larry Tee. Their debut EP, Peep Show, released in early 2005, includes five tracks of crazy, sexy fun that entices people to laugh and dance. With their latest release, Undermedicated, they have honed their style even further. With five new songs, including their first cover song (the theme from the Golden Girls), An electroDnB robo-ballad and a collection of remixes of "Fashionista," Undermedicated is sure to set the world's dance-floors on fire. Animated Coochie Wonders has been seen live at venues in New York and Boston, including Distortion Disko at Duvet, Avalon, Boys' Room, Crash Mansion and the Abandoned Robot Factory. What does the future hold for your Animated Coochie Wonders? You'll have to stay tuned to find out. But be careful, you may experience some swelling.

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