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His Light Shines Over Me
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His Light Shines Over Me on CD

Anithe G. Saint-Jean lived in Haiti and worked as dressmaker and very much enjoyed designing dresses but the living conditions were very tough for her and the people around her in the town of Cote-de-fer which means place of hard time. She decided to move to the United States for a opportunity to somehow help the people back home in her community. She left Haiti at the age of 23 and moved to Florida and then shortly move to New York.. She had a revelation where God asked her to move back to Florida with her daughter and find a place to live and then go directly back to Haiti and carry out her mission to help the people of Cote-de-fer. She instead decided to look for work and found a job working as a nurse in a nursing home and found a good school for her daughter. On Dec 21, during a walk home after a long workday, she began to have difficulty seeing and was momentarily blind wandering the streets asking people for help. Someone came to her aid and offered her a ride and she began to remember how she disobeyed God and did\'nt follow the intial plan to fulfill her mission. She asked that the kind person drop her home and when she arrived she immediately began to pray, asking God for forgiveness and to fully restore her vision. Anithe promised God that she would immediately carry out his order once her vision was restored. Once God restored Anithe\'s vision, she and her daughter took the next available flight to Haiti. The next morning she had a discussion with her cousin and Uncle about how she returned to help the people of this community and this led to the creation of the organization we now call New Jerusalem Orphanage.