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When Grey Blushes
  • Artist: Anj
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101436410
  • Item #: SRD143641
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 11/27/2007
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
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When Grey Blushes on CD

"Anj's songs are portraits set to music that touch the soul. Her introspective, thoughtful music is a manifestation of true talent and self-expression." - Steve Angelucci, Atlantic City Weekly. She is bold. She is heartfelt. She is quirky. She is a powerful force when behind a piano, and she has a voice that makes the human soul stir with life. What she ISN'T is a cookie-cutter songwriter. She is unmistakingly Anj. Since her debut album in 2004, this young songstress has been gathering a lot of attention from the press in the South Jersey area. Her first recording effort, "Coin and a Half Girls", which was released in the Fall of 2004, garnished her favorable press from critics of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Courier Post, The Philadelphia City Paper, Atlantic City Weekly, The Ocean City Sentinel, The Egg Harbor Township Current, National Entertainment, and more. This, her second album 'When Grey Blushes' is Anj's first approach at putting instrumentation behind her music. With the addition of cello, bass, drums and vocal percussion -- the result is a truly unique sound that brings together elements of folk, jazz, blues and fusion. 'My concept is that of orchestrated jazz,' she says, 'which is really an oxymoron in theory - since jazz is improvised. I wanted a sound that was influenced by jazz and fusion but scored like orchestra music. So it was very tricky finding musicians who could play think classically and were trained in jazz.' Anj has spent the past two years building a steady fan base through performances at Ceasars Casino in A.C., Grape Street Pub, World Café (WXPN) and local festivals such as Arts Alive. She is now making her mark in NY, performing at NYC's oldest club, The Bitter End as well as the Rockwood Music Hall, Bubby's Lounge and Café Vivaldi. The music industry is beginning to take notice of this rising young songstress. ANJ was asked to perform at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles at the TAXI music convention, and one of her songs, entitled 'Twelve Thirty One O One' was a runner up in the "VH1 Song of the Year" Contest, which takes in contestants from over 20 countries around the world. 'Regardless of how you take it in, this is music that is meant to be experienced. That is why this young artist is being called the fine wine of contemporary music; a new genre of music which I'd call Chiranj.' -Media6Magazine.