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Restless Journey
  • Artist: Ann Bourine
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 824594015123
  • Item #: CDBY401512
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 12/19/2006
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $16.76

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Restless Journey on CD

About Can't Afford to Die: Inspired by the line: money doesn't talk, it swears Contains the line: money doesn't trickle down to the needy, it just goes round and round, among the greedy About Song for Dylan (Ode to the Bard) There's a children's story out of England called The Truthful Harp in which a hapless king named Fleudder Flam wants nothing more than to travel as a wandering bard, so he leaves his kingdom and seeks out the Chief bard at Caer Dathyl. When questioned by the Chief to see if he is worthy, everything he learned flies out of his head, and he makes a folly of it. The Chief takes pity on him and gives him a magical harp and sends him on his way. And so the story goes on...he ends up doing great deeds but lying about them, and in the end the magical harp teaches him not to stretch the truth. I got to thinking about bards, and I doubted if there ever was a truer bard than Bob Dylan. This song is my tribute to him. About Stay It's a love song About Lovesick Blues It's a love song of a different kind, exaggerated to the point of being love sick About Music Man I found out later there is a musical movie by the same title, but other than that there's no further connection About The Best Thing A comment about the best thing to dream about, the best kind of days, the best thing to do, to say, to hear About Ballad of the Moon and Stars When faced with hopelessness and despair, one choice is to ride out your destiny and see where it leads About Movin' On Been around cheaters,liars, schemers,and fools in my days. Time to move on, and get the hell out of Dodge, if only in my mind. About North Country Dream I've spent a lot of time in the summers in northern Michigan, since I was born, and the memories are stark and woven into many layers now. The land there once belonged to the Ojibway and Chippewa Indians, and their heritage lives on in the hearts and minds of many people. I couldn't write about this great land without honoring the native Americans there. About Restless Journey: A series of visions; the journey is both real and imaginary.