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Closer to Now
  • Artist: Anna Cheek
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479409127
  • Item #: CDBY940912
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/7/2003
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Closer to Now on CD

Described by some as, 'Eartha Kitt meets Rikki Lee Jones' - Anna, with her unusual, distinctive voice and her intimate songwriting style, has been attracting attention and gathering fans. A classically trained pianist, her songs and her personal approach to expressing her lyrics provide a very 'real' listening opportunity, both in live and recorded performances. Anna was born in New Orleans, LA and moved to Canada where she studied music at The Royal Conservatory of Music. An avid fan of many genres of music, Anna began songwriting at a very young age and has always been particularly interested in drawing from various musical styles to create her own personal sound. Currently Anna lives in the Woodstock, NY area and with the help of some amazing Woodstock talent, (Carl Adami, Robbie Dupree, Robert Frazza, Tony Levin, Donna Lewis, Jim Weider and others), Anna's CD, 'Closer to Now', is now available. Look for Anna's next release sometime this spring. This refreshing singer-songwriter stands on her own for many reasons, notably as a classically-trained pianist with a unique, earthy vocal-ese. Not one to be compared to today's pre-fab 'pop tarts', Ms. Cheek's songs are introspective and honest. With an excellent touring band... her appearances are captivating and never boring ~ DJ Wavy Davy, Reviewer, Chronogram Magazine 'When you put Cheek's CD in motion, you're bound for an almost seamless ride through a blended mixture of musical terrains which center on Anna's voice and piano... The distinct, smoky and finely grained voice... weaves in the flow with character, depth and implication. The effect of her delivery creates a voice with deeper and more interesting elements of beauty than most of the pretty vocals we are used to in contemporary popular music... When the spin of the disk has ceased, we can recognize that, within it's motion, it has transmitted notice of the arrival on the scene of an extraordinary talent... ' ~ Gary Alexander, Woodstock Times 'My God, this is impressive... Anna's voice scares me!!! Intrigued by a voice that reminded my of one of the genius voices of pop I can think of: Nico and the godlike Marianne Faithful... Anna's best friend must be the piano... No words for this one except that I'm speechless. ' ~ Didier Becu, Reviewer, The Original Sin, Belgium 'Among those on the bill are pianist and songwriter Anna Cheek, who must be getting tired of endless comparisons to everyone from Ricki Lee Jones to Lucinda Williams, since her work is silky, mysterious and, as evidenced on her Closer to Now, absolutely her own...' ~ Bob Margolis, Woodstock Times 'One of the most intriguing and enjoyable albums I have heard recently. Anna's dusky, expressive voice is a unique and captivating element that adds depth to an already rich production. Her music and lyrics are honest, interesting and well-crafted and appeal on both an intellectual and emotional level.' ~ Steve Stiert, Publisher, 'This talented pianist-singer-songwriter draws comparison to everyone from Marianne Faithfull to Imogen Heap. But the nearly 20 tracks on her new CD Closer to Now, (Chestnut Records) confirm her inviting voice and personal, original style....' ~ DJ Wavy Davy, Reviewer, Chronogram Magazine.