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White Light Meditations from the Angelic Realm
  • Artist: Anna Harlas
  • Label: CD Baby
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  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 9/5/2006
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White Light Meditations from the Angelic Realm on CD

I am Anna Harlas the channel for ASTRA the Guardian Angel and the narrator and author of 'White Light Meditations From The Angelic Realm'. These channeled visualizations are each profoundly healing and inspiring. 1. THE RELAXATION MEDITATION- Is for letting go of everyday stress while taking a journey into the Light with the truest nature of our being. 2. THE RELEASING FEAR MEDITATION- Is for going deep within and with the love and guidance from the Angels, you allow yourself to revisit the past for the purpose of transforming, the negitive affects fear has had on your life. 3. THE HEALING MEDITATION- Is a powerful journey into the unknown, where you are healed of disease of the mind, emotion and body. 4. THE ABUNDANCE MEDITATION-Is a joyful journey into the Angelic Realm, where you are engulfed in love and light and the curtain between the physical and the spiritual falls away as you enter into the world of true abundance. Through ASTRA I have also channeled the book 'SEE' (Spiritual Eternal Energy). Which speaks of the two minds that occupy our bodies. The God Mind and the Ego Mind. We are shown the seven levels of energy that compose our beings and are taught how to SEE Truth and recognize illusion. My work with the channel involves Spiritual counseling and healing. Channeling classes, that provide insight into the inner world of the True Self. I run workshops and Lectures all with ASTRA, who provides the wisdom and the inspiration needed in the process of achieving our complete transformation into the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS-THE TRUE SELF. Below is the chapter in my book 'SEE' that tells how ASTRA and I came to be ONE. Prologue: The Uniting Of Anna and Astra (From the book, SEE, by Anna Harlas) The Guardian Angel came to me when I was five years old. It was in the middle of the night and I was lying in my bed with my head aching. When I saw my room fill up with white, lit, floating candles, I started screaming. My mother heard my cries and came running in. I yelled to her, 'Don't touch the candles, watch out or the lit candles will burn you!' My Mother grabbed me and exclaimed, 'Oh, my God, she's burning up. For the rest of the night, my whole family worked together to break my fever. They put me in a tub of ice water and rubbed me down with alcohol. My fever broke the next day and almost immediately after that, I began hearing what sounded to me, like a male voice speaking in my head. Before that night, I had always been a frightened child. I was afraid of everything, from being in the dark, to snowflakes falling on my eyelashes. But I was frightened most of all of the spirits that 'stood' at the foot of my bed, and floated around outside my window. I couldn't understand why they were there and I would plead with my older sister to tell them to go away. One day, my sister and I along with two other little girlfriends were playing indoors with our dolls. It was raining and all of a sudden I looked up and saw a beautiful little old man carrying a crooked wooden cane, standing at the glass front door. He had a long white robe, white hair and beard and the most beautiful twinkling blue eyes. He beckoned to me and I wanted to go to him. Instead, I cried to my friends, 'Look at that little old man there!' and my friends replied, 'Where, Anna?' Over there, I cried! Let him in the door! What man, Anna? Where?' my little friends exclaimed, exasperated with me. I just couldn't understand why they didn't see him, and when they ran to the door and opened it, the little old man had disappeared. I looked up and down the street, but he had vanished. My Father however, believed in my story and I was very relieved when he explained to me that perhaps it had been a Grandfather from a past life. This made perfect sense to me. After I began hearing 'the voice' my fears diminished and thankfully, I didn't see ghosts any more. 'the voice' continued to guide and encourage me not to be fearful. 'He' would even amuse me by getting me to say things out loud, just seconds before they would actually happen. For example, when members of my family were listening to the radio, the Angel would say to me 'say this, Anna!' and then the radio announcer would repeat exactly what I had just spoken. My family was shocked. But they always attributed this phenomenon to my great imagination. I still didn't understand though, why I could hear the voice when no one else could. My sister however, trusted 'the voice' because of an experience that we had one day while walking. We had come upon a vacant lot where there were some books lying on the ground. She wanted to take a closer look but the voice was warning me that there was a man in there with a big stick. I told her that but she didn't believe me. When she walked into the lot, all of a sudden, a man came at her with a big stick. We turned and ran all the way home. From that day forward, she would always ask me, 'Anna, what does the voice say?!' When I was around 10 years old, my sister and I started telling our friends about 'the voice'. Soon after, our friends would tell me that their parents declared that anyone who hears voices has to be crazy. I was devastated. I began to worry that I might be crazy because I just couldn't understand why no one else ever heard 'the voice'. I became deeply saddened to think that this voice from which I felt so much love and security may not be real, after all. I was confused and lonely. But during this sad time in my life, I experienced an awakening that was so powerful, that it remains with me today. I was walking alone on a sunny, summer afternoon when suddenly, I was floating above the ground. My feet no longer touching the pavement, I felt myself expanding. I was everywhere all at once. I found myself in the trees, flowers, and sky. I WAS the trees, the flowers, and the sky. It was absolutely breathtaking, so incredibly joyful, and then it was over. When I felt my feet back on the pavement, I heard the 'voice' say to me, 'now, you must walk through your fears Anna, no one will help you.' You must do it yourself; but remember, I am always with you. You will not hear me for awhile, but always remember, that I am with you.' I didn't hear 'the voice' for many years except in times of danger. Once, when I was a young woman married with two children, a friend was installing some new Formica on our kitchen counter top. I was leaning against the oven and as I watched him work, spreading the glue on, I was startled to hear 'the voice' yelling in my head...'get your coat and go outside!' I was stunned and instantly froze. The next thing that I remember was that I was being pushed by an invisible force out the back door into the yard. I yelled to my friend to 'get out!' and forgot that he couldn't hear me. He was deaf. As soon as I reached the outdoors, I heard the explosion and soon the whole house was engulfed in flames. Thank God, my friend escaped serious injury, suffering only minor burns to his hands. The fumes from the glue had ignited the pilot light, which had caused the explosion. As we all stood outside, watching my house become smoldering ash, I was struck by the realization that material possessions could be lost or destroyed in an instant. I wanted something more in my life. In fact, I had known it for some time. But only through this catastrophe, was I able to access the knowledge and desire from a deeper, more profound place. I also realized another crucial factor. That I would have been killed if it had not been for the warning of 'the voice' that I recognize now as my Guardian Angel. I had always wanted to perform on stage, so I joined an acting class in New York City and for the first time in my life, I felt like I was following my true nature. Yet my road to self-discovery was not smoothly paved. I found myself in a tiny little walk-up flat in N.Y.C. The family was split. I divorced and my teenage children began to pull away from me, blaming me for everything. There was great conflict and I fell into loneliness, self-doubt, and deep despair. One night while lying in bed with my fourteen - year old daughter sleeping next to me, I was deeply depressed. For the first time in my life, I felt as if I wanted to die. Suddenly, I looked up and saw a beautiful white light streaming diagonally across the closet door in front of me. I watched in awe as it grew bigger and brighter until it expanded to the full length of the closet. As the light intensified, I was overcome with the sensation of deep joy that I felt fluttering within my chest. This joy seemed to be separate from me however as I felt it moving out of my chest and towards the light! I felt great exhilaration as I realized that the feeling of joy was coming not only from the light but also from me wanting to unite with the light. As soon as this happened, the thought came into my mind, 'Oh, no, not yet, your children need you, you can't go now.' I then looked over at my daughter who was sleeping beside me and in that moment, the joyous feeling (energy) subsided back into my chest. The white light dimmed until it disappeared. I got up and sat in the kitchen for the entire night. I was enraptured. I knew that God had given me a choice to either return to Him or remain here. Knowing that I had made the choice to stay for my children's sake, where was I supposed to go from here? What did God want me to do? How was I even to find out? I searched for guidance and was led to a school in N.Y.C. where they taught practical philosophy, and meditation. Having been blessed with a philosophical father, my mind and heart was open to any spiritual teachings, which would 'speak to me.' It was there that I met Jeannie. She had come up to me one day after class, and invited me for coffee. She explained that her husband had died 6 months ago and that he had been communicating with her through automatic writing. She was now getting messages for me. The messages said, 'tell Anna, that she has a very long energy and that God wants her to connect to her Angel.' Through Jeannie's automatic writing, I asked her deceased husband how I should connect to my Angel and he answered, 'meditate Anna, mediate'. So, one day, after mediation and deep prayer, asking for God's guidance, I heard 'the voice' say, 'Anna, pick up the pen.' As I did so, a force moved my hand slowly across the paper. It read, 'Anna, hello, I am your Guardian Angel.' I had done it! I had made contact, but after three days, I was exhausted. When I asked about why 'the force' was writing so slowly and why I was so tired, I was instructed to light a white candle. After doing so, when I picked up the pen, my hand flew across the page. I wrote eight pages without stopping! Working with automatic writing for two years, the Guardian Angel taught me about myself and about the spiritual world of energy to which I am connected. At the Angels request, I also wrote for others. I was reluctant at first but was reminded that all I had to do was to hold the pen, and the Angel would speak through me. It wasn't long afterwards that I was given another incredible gift and even more reason to trust. I had just finished chatting on the telephone with a friend of mine and climbed into bed. As soon as my head touched the pillow, I heard a loud buzzing sound. Startled, I jumped up and immediately the buzzing stopped. I put my head down again and the buzzing returned. I jumped up again, this time in great fear. I sat up for a while trying to understand what was happening. I decided that it was possible that the Guardian Angel could be trying to communicate with me. This thought calmed my fears and I lay back down. The buzzing automatically returned. I asked, 'Is it you, Guardian Angel?' When the buzzing sound intensified and started to penetrate my whole body, I relaxed, trusting that it was the Angel. When I tried to move my limbs however, I was paralyzed! Suddenly, I heard a sound like a drill and felt it's' pressure at the top of my head. After a few seconds, the drilling moved to the lower back of my head and then to the left side just above my ear. At each point, I heard the loud sound of a drill and felt deep pressure. There was no pain. Finally, the drilling stopped. With my head still resting on the pillow and my eyes open, I saw a shower of mandalas coming at me like shooting stars. I watched in fascination at the most beautiful array of patterns and vivid colors that I had ever seen. Each mandala, more beautiful and breathtaking than the one before it. This light show of energy continued for some time and then suddenly stopped. My body was then released from the paralysis. I sat up and wept at this experience. I felt overwhelming joy because I knew that I had been in God's presence. I asked the Guardian Angel for an explanation of what had happened to me. I was told, 'Anna, you have just witnessed your own energy. What you have seen are all the patterns, and colors, and vibrations that you have created through all of your incarnations of embodiment in both Spirit and physical form. If you could see yourself in Truth, this is what you would see and hear. For you are sound. You are patterns of color and vibration within the Light, and you have seen how magnificent you are in Truth.' Soon after this experience, my Guardian Angel told me that my channeling would take on a new form. In order for this to happen, I would have to cross a great body of water - both ways. In doing so, I would receive the energy necessary to become the meditative channeler that I am today. Since I had no plans of crossing any oceans and no money in which to do it, I was worried. I kept asking, 'how am I going to do that?' Always, the answer came back, 'Anna, you must trust!' Approximately two months later, a young man from Norway who was a member of my spiritual group in New York City, introduced me to his mother who had come to visit him. I agreed to channel through automatic writing for her and she was so impressed that she invited me to come to Norway where I would make enough money to pay for my trip. Again, I was astounded at the power of my Guardian Angel. When I returned three weeks later, I sat down with a close friend to channel with the pen and as I began to write, I heard, 'Anna, just listen.' I was still hesitant and continued to write. When suddenly, the pen started writing faster and faster, until it flew out of my hand. It sailed across the room and my friend burst out laughing! Then she said to me, 'Anna, I think that you should just listen.' So I did and when my body began rotating I could feel the energy fill me. 'The voice' began to speak and the words just popped out of my mouth. At that point, my friend asked the Angel, 'Who are you and do you have a name?' The Angel replied, 'I am God Energy. I am not a spirit or an entity and if you prefer to call me by name, than you may call me ASTRA!' Through the wisdom of the Guardian Angel, Astra, I have learned without question, that we are all here to heal ourselves. Every Be-ing comes into physical body for the purpose of the soul. That purpose is to heal the misguided perceptions of our false Ego personality in order for each of us to unite to who we are in truth. The Truth being, that we are a manifestation of God. Through the path that Astra has led me, I have also learned of my true identity. I have clearly seen God within my own Be-ing and within all of Creation. Although connecting to this wisdom took many years of darkness and struggle, I understand now that without those experiences, I would never have been able to understand all that I AM toady. I have gained a deep peace within my heart that gently guides me through each day, reminding me that whenever something negative occurs, that I am NOT that negativity. I am instead, the Creative Force that is always unlimited in it's' movement and consequently, I can never be threatened by the illusions that take form in my physical world. I believe that the Creative Force is within each of us. It is the seat of power that every Be-ing possesses because every Be-ing is an extension, the reflection, of the One. And only through our own experiences and creative forces can we truly connect to our God self.