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  • Artist: Anne Colgan
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884502055771
  • Item #: SRD205577
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 5/5/2009
  • This product is a special order
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About Anne Colgan Anne Colgan is a Psychotherapist who works with music. This album is about healing, relaxation, and motivation. Each track has a specific message, which may be interpreted in your own way. The energy in each track is different and may be used all together or for different occasions/moods. Anne's work is about creating harmony in the body and the mind. Creative music brings this about in a very simple yet powerful way. In my practice I invite the clients to access their own sound - the invitation has no expectations - no pass mark. Everybody's sound is valid. Wellness is achieved through Creative Music by our experience of the freedom that comes from flowing with our internal, natural rhythms. It is about "being" rather than "trying". In this "being", you expand your body rather than contracting it. This work is about stillness, sadness, harmony, and fun. It is about going with the creativity, wherever that brings us. While the work is intense and sometimes exhausting, the highs are quite out of this world. The music brings us onto higher ground - this in turn tells our body we are in harmony - which underpins wellness. Anne worked for five years with the Arts Department with the Artsability Scheme. She was an Artist in residence for a year before that. During this time, she worked creatively with voice, sound, and percussion with clients who had profound physical and intellectual disabilities. In 2006, she read a paper on Arts and Disability and the World Arts and Health Conference in Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland. CREATIVE SOUND MUSIC WORKSHOP Anne believes that we all have an innate need to be heard and to speak up. In her Creative Sound Workshops she works with each person's individual sound in order for them to make friends with it, retrieve it, discover it or enhance it - she works with your wherever you are at. This can be from a place of where you think you have no sound to someone who is a professional singer/musician. · Access your own sound · Have fun · Work with your own creativity Next Workshop: 26th September 2009 Venue: Seafield Hotel and Spa Ballymoney, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland HEALING SOUND MUSIC PRACTICE Anne set up this practice for anyone who wants to work with her on a one to one basis. This may be a one off or for a period of time depending on the needs of the client. The work is primal and deep and connects you with your inner self through your sound. CREATIVE MUSIC AND DISABILITY Creative music focuses on the ability of each person. Music can connect to a person's mind and soul. The invitation to join in the music gives the participant permission to come in to the music in a way that is both freeing and safe. The music actually makes the connection and the client can then decided whether to respond or not. It is this control that is given to the client that may be the first time for a long time that they would have been given a choice about anything in their lives. Your own sound can connect with your soul and liberate your spirit. It can bypass physical and mental disability and reach into the core of our humanity. It is the fun experience of creation revealed to us on one level and the comforting experience to us as we live with our physical and mental limitations. It magnifies what is possible while acknowledging what is impossible. The excitement of discovery- the realisation of the playfulness can be communicated in the blink of an eye - in a smile - in a sound. This in turn gives encouragement and confidence to do it again and to do more and more. It brings the client into the realm of the possible.

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