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  • Artist: Annie Ébène
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 829982085412
  • Item #: SRD208541
  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 7/18/2006
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Lema on CD

Annie Ébène ( Ebony) ' 'The authentic' '... she is part of those rare remarkable artists for whom, more than an expression, music is a way of life, a religion, a meditation, a space apart of the world, made of truth, delicacy and subtlety... those of true artists spirit. Forsaking the rumbas and soukouss of all, from the roots of her inheritance, she restores the Congolese music, opens it to the world, makes it known under it's prettier version. Played with traditional congas, marimba, bongos, kalimba and ngo, associated with more current instrumentation, although contemporary, her art awakes the deep rhythms of regions (areas) such as Bandundu, Kivu, Kisangani and the Equator. Born in Congo, Annie Ébène is a Songwriter, a Composer and a Performer. In 1987, at the beginning of her teenage years, Annie Ébène started singing. A shy looking Annie, sang backup voice for the great Mpongo-Luta, a leading figure in Congolese music, the audience quickly noticed the natural talent of the young singer. Few years later she lends her voice to ''The Best'', a resident band for Intercontinental Hotel of Kinshasa, Congo. While there, she sang along with most of the top world music artists, such as the famous Tshala Muana, or the unforgettable, the late Abeti Massikini. Traveling between Kinshasa, Congo and Abidjan, Ivory Coast until 1997, she carried on her carrier, singing from one city to the other. She arrived in Montreal 10 years ago. She joined the ''Africana'' band, and in 1999, attracted by Gospel music, she sang alongside Mr. Charles Mombaya. She gives a free rein to her sure and powerful voice. As a solo artist, since 2002, recognized more than ever, and appreciated by a circle of Canadian World Music Lovers and Artists, she was invited to participate to many major events such as the Carnaval des Cultures of Ottawa (2004), the Festival International Nuits d'Afrique of Montreal and the Afrikadey of Calgary (2005). Affected by the sufferings of this world, as an artist, she supports many humanitarian causes. As a matter of priority, she works hard on the projects she sets and strives to achieve them. Aside from Writing and composing her repertoire, she spends her time in the studio, producing the Album she wants to bring out. LEMA, her first album, on which she wrote all the songs, is dedicated to the memory of her father. Far away from the usual Ndombolos and Soukouss, LEMA is unprecedented in the history of the current Congolese music. It rises at the roots of Rumba, preserves all the original and typical rhythms of Congo, and resurrects to their full authenticity. Annie walks in the steps of Ray Lema and Lokua Kanza, two close ''brothers'' she admires and respects. Her honest and spontaneous writing, as well the texts in her music shows her creativity. They are the vehicle of her deep convictions. Annie Ébène surely ranks among the very best of pure artists of the Congolese music ever heard.