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Where I Belong
  • Artist: Annie & Amy
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 694447404523
  • Item #: 177617X
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 12/10/2002
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Where I Belong on CD

Album Description The songs Amy & Annie have written for this collection entitled 'Where I Belong' depict a journey of the everchanging, unpredictable human spirit. Their passion for music has taken them on a journey of writing, not only of personal experiences but to places through the eyes of other peoples lives; from small towns to big cities, several countries and many different cultures. The girls have found that no matter where you are in life; you never forget those nostalgic feelings of home. It is those familiar images and emotions that give you that deep sense of belonging. You never forget your first kiss, the first day of school, school bullies, your first job, moving, losing a job, saying good-bye, fresh cut grass, the colors of spring, brown hills of summer, a virgin snow, sounds of a storm, your first slow dance, your first true love, love lost, hugging your mother, feeling safe in your dad's arms, first born child, letting go, feeling alive... May 'Where I Belong' take you somewhere in your past or lure you to someplace you've never been or discover a new passion or desire. May you laugh with others, laugh at yourself, feel chills up your spine, or just cry without shame. Most of all, may you rediscover where you belong. Enjoy the journey.... Notes: The first song on this CD was written as a tribute to Wyoming and it's people. Annie & Amy were honored to be asked to write this song and wanted to depict the rugged beauty of their homestate. The music and lyrics are powerful and dramatic just like Wyoming but most importantly, the song takes you to that comforting feeling called home--wherever that may be. The final performance on this CD is for nostalgic reasons. Taken from a live recording, Amy & Annie as young girls sang on the 'Grand Ole Opry' in Nashville, TN as guests of Mr. Roy Acuff. The girls were nervous and excited and the evening was unforgettable. About the Artist Annie and Amy perform and travel all over the world. Their music is being played on BBC radio in England, Ireland and Scotland. They were born in Wyoming to a pioneering family and are the only daughters in a family of 7 children. They are graduates of Stanford University and lived in Vienna, Austria; Los Angeles, CA; Albuquerque, NM; Nashville, TN; and Hawaii. Performers ANNIE-LAURIE SMITH - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar AMY MCGARRY SMITH - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar BRENT MOYER BUTCH HAUS NEIL HAVERSTICK Gut String guitar leads 'Wyoming Where I Belong' TOM CAPEK - Keyboards & Symphonic Synthesizer 'Wyoming Where I Belong' MICHAEL OLSON - Fretless Bass 'USS Cheyenne Song' RICK BRADSTREED - Guitar, accoustic leads 'USS Cheyenne Song' RUDY GREEN - Timbales 'USS Cheyenne Song' EXUMA - Bass vocals 'USS Cheyenne Song' -----.

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