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  • Artist: Annie Locke
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884502080780
  • Item #: 1302268X
  • Genre: Classical Artists
  • Release Date: 4/16/2009
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Memories on CD

It is my wish, in creating this music, to help you feel more peaceful and relaxed so that you may connect with that gentle, harmonious part which is in all of us, but is sometimes clouded over in moments of worry and stress or illness. Annie Locke _________________________ About this album Beautiful lingering melodies: More than anything else, these characterise the music of Annie Locke. On Memories, they combine with a reflective, relaxing style, orchestral textures and Annie's very individual way of expression to create a unique experience for the listener. It is music well worth exploring and getting to know. Memories is Annie's third album and - like her other works - has tracks that were improvised in single takes. For instance, the music for A Time There Was was improvised entirely in one twenty-five minute session using a variety of sounds, including piano solo. Annie then added further orchestral textures later. This CD is one of my all time favourites... I saw Annie on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and she impressed me. Her music is beautifully crafted and I find it not only relaxing but also uplifting, I must say the album gave me strength through a dark period of my life. PS, Ipswich, UK I can't believe I may have finally found a way to connect with Annie Locke! I have quite a story to tell her about her music and what a life-changing effect it's had on me... The short version is, back in 2004, my health had a real downturn and I spent 2005 on dialysis, using 'Memories' to help me through the three day a week, 4 hour sessions. I've since had a kidney transplant and am doing quite well. 'Memories' is now part of my life, and at least once a week I still 'go visit the music'. A M, Chicago, USA About Annie Locke Annie Locke has become quietly known and respected in many parts of the world for her special contribution to relaxation music. Her works are distinctive, yet easily accessible and immediately appealing. Classical training & television Annie studied classical music at the Royal Academy of Music, London, England, and graduated from there with a degree in piano and oboe. When she left college, music took second place to a career at BBC Television in London where she worked in the Drama Department. She was Production Manager on mainly classic plays as well as Mike Leigh's 'Abigail's Party'. She also directed some classical music programmes while there. Solo concerts and talks Annie sometimes gives solo concerts - and is working on an album using some of her many solo piano pieces. Sometimes she combines concerts with a talk on how music and sound affect our health, a subject in which she is deeply interested... Final comment... Annie Locke's music has become popular with people of all ages and from all walks of life. The reasons for this are simple enough: her music touches the hearts of folk because she plays from the heart and wishes to help bring some sunshine and quiet into all our lives.