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Only a Memory Away
  • Artist: Annie Mae
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479492136
  • Item #: SRD949213
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2/13/2007
  • This product is a special order
Price: $17.69
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Only a Memory Away on CD

Annie Mae Born in North Carolina, and one of ten children- those memories of early childhood days will be ever-lasting in my heart and mind as in the words in 'Carolina', they are a reminder of those simple times. Though we moved across the country to the west coast at the tender age of ten, the memories of Carolina will forever remain so vivid and a part of my heritage. Our large family learned to work and play hard and music was always an important part of me. My uncles tell me that they always knew where to find front of the TV or radio singing and dancing (barefoot I bet) to the sounds of country and bluegrass music. I won my first singing award at the age of twelve at a Boy Scout talent Show. I remember being so nervous that I thought I heard drums playing; when in reality it was only my knees knocking. I wrote 'Only A Memory Away' for my daughter Kristy who was attending school in New Zealand and found it was so hard to let her go each time she boarded that airplane. She constantly reminds me that there is no such thing as far away; that she is always in my heart with beautiful memories every day. I love writing songs and they just keep coming! And I love performing them. I love looking out into the faces of my audience and seeing miles and miles of smiles and knowing that they had rather be there listening to me than be any other place at that time...and that they are having fun-clapping and dancing! For the past 20 years, my Blue Grass/Country music has entertained thousands in this beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon and a few other states. I learned to play the guitar, but discovered I loved the sound of the mandolin. And now I have the great privilege, joy, and opportunity to offer my heart-felt, down-home music to the rest of the world. If I can take you away to that place of warm memories, smiles, laughter and fun just for a little while, then I'm happy, and besides; it just gives me another excuse to go barefoot. Life is too short to wear shoes. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my songs. I hope you enjoy them and find yourselves humming and singing along. God Bless and may these songs bring many, many smiles... OXOXOX...Annie Mae.

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