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Value of a Woman
  • Artist: Annie's Crossing
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 750532926025
  • Item #: SRD292602
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 8/12/2003
  • This product is a special order
Price: $10.94
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Value of a Woman on CD

A NEW KIND OF COUNTRY MUSIC ALBUM SPARKS THE 'FIRE OF LOVE' VALUE OF A WOMAN debut album by Annie's Crossing: A world-class bluegrass/country band and three hot vocalists from Santa Fe, New Mexico perform an upbeat musical love story that begins with a breakup and ends in the 'Fire Of Love'. Dance to the music at a party or savor the soulful love story over Starbucks. THIRTEEN ORIGINAL SONGS tell a story of losing love and loving again which adds meat to the bones of it's bluegrass pop country music mix. That's SOULGRASS -- the new album concept that also debuts in VALUE OF A WOMAN CD by Annie's Crossing. Fueled by virtuoso musicians,including featured guitarist PAT MALONE, and composer ROBERT CARBONARO, plus the grand canyon baritone of singer MICHAEL UMPHREY (of New Christy Minstrels fame), the take-no-prisoners vocal power of HILLARY SMITH, and the raw, pure soul of songbird MADI SATO, the lyrical story treks through a painful crossroads toward a life-changing path out of that pain by: * Bypassing a breakup in 'A CHANGE OF HEART' * Diving into the dating ocean in a 'SEA OF PAIN' -- preferring an 'AFFAIR OF ART' * Avenging betrayal in 'REST IN PEACE' -- seeking forgiveness in 'PARDON ME' * Dating a 'LOVE OUTLAW' and forgetting 'THE BOY YOU USED TO BE' -- finding a path with heart in 'AN ANGEL BROUGHT ME HOME TONIGHT' * Venting 'A WOMAN'S B.S.' -- rediscovering the 'VALUE OF A WOMAN' * Grieving a marriage that died with it's 'SONG UNSUNG' -- feeling free to fall 'IN LOVE AGAIN' Rebirth comes from tears you've cried Sleeping dreams can be revived You can become what you might have been Once you fall in love with yourself again. -IN LOVE AGAIN Visit VALUEOFAWOMAN.COM to read all song lyrics by ANNIE M. MORGAN, who was a multi-Emmy nominated Chicago television producer/writer before she started writing country song lyrics to heal her heart after her long marriage fell apart. Though most of us numb or escape the pain of a breakup, Annie faced it and shared her ideas for creative changes that can spark the 'FIRE OF LOVE' in an enduring or in a new relationship. VALUE OF A WOMAN CD-- a musical love story of a woman who can't be thrown away. She rebounds from a breakup, revives her dreams and embarks on the adventure of starting fresh and loving again. You can hear songclips and order your CDs at big savings, at CDBABY.COM/ANNIESCROSSING. Dare to commit! STAY TUNED FOR ANOTHER INNOVATIVE SOUNDTRACK/DEBUT NOVEL: ABOUT THE ADVENTURES OF STARTING FRESH AND LOVING AGAIN It's fiction based on real life adventures of a divorced songwriter with secret weapons to start fresh and attract new love on SOUL-DATES.COM. Publishing date TBA at year end of 2007.

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