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Watch How We Get Down
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Watch How We Get Down on CD

Taking a new, bold stance in hip-hop and R & B for the year 2003 (and beyond), Anom Nomis Entertainment, also known as the A-Team, brings audacious, unapologetic, yet conscience lyrics and a relentless and contagious array of unique beats. From the A-team's mastermind, Dennis 'Henne' Henderson, C.E.O. and Executive Producer, artists Big Kat, Char and rest of the A-team are ready to make their mark outside of their home base of Western PA and into the national hip-hop arena. This premier hip-hop and R&B label of Western PA has reorganized and regrouped to team with the best artists, producers, and promoters on the East Coast. There is no one word to describe the verbally floetic and musically hypnotic affect that Anom has had thus far. The A-Team V.P. of Promotions, Darrell Holloway responds simply, 'Watch How We Get Down.' This phrase is not only a forewarning of what's to come but also the title of Anom Nomis Entertainment compilation EP, 'Watch How We Get Down!', featuring Big Kat and Char. 'If you don't like this you don't like yourself', chuckles Henderson. Seeing the need for a resurgence of true hip-hop with worthy and insightful lyrical content, Anom became the brainchild of Henderson in the summer of 97. Anom Nomis has steadily evolved to it's present state driven by the desire to provide the raw, rough and rugged voice of a sector silenced for far too long. With bombastic beats and rhymes that flow like the rivers of Pittsburgh from which this talent stems, Anom Nomis Entertainment will be anything but what the name implies. Ready to make a name, be the voice and claim it's place in the nationwide hip-hop realm, the A-team challenges naysayers and proclaims, 'Watch How We Get Down.'

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