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Me in Reverse
  • Artist: Anorexic Beauty Queen
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 616892668428
  • Item #: SRD266842
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 11/29/2005
  • This product is a special order
Price: $9.29
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Me in Reverse on CD

Taken from Written by: Fiona Flatt Editor: Dustin Murrell Anorexic Beauty Queen? Who? To be honest, I didn't have the slightest idea who ABQ was when I started this. I saw on a website that they were 'Alternative/Emo,' but that's all I knew; but that was good enough for me. After listening to their new EP Me in Reverse about twenty times in one night, I can safely say I've come to appreciate what this band is all about. What really hit me was how soft Mike Watson's (vocals, guitar, keys) voice was. As Watson sings his beautiful lyrics amongst the stunning instrumentals, it sets a very calming and mellow tone. Although at times he is whiny and barley auditable above his own guitar and piano, his fellow band mates Nick Irving (percussionist), and Jack Patterson (bassist) hold together to form a catchy beat. "It seems in modern music the aspect of 'pretty' is forgotten... we like pretty harmonies, slow verses, feel good sunny-day music" (taken from With songs like 'You've Got A Cute Little Skull' and the title track 'Me in Reverse,' ABQ's lyrics are a touching mix of love and death. 'Moon River is the Soundtrack' is by far one of the better songs on the EP with lyrics such as "If I die now in this car, will you regret the phone you didn't answer?" with a message about love and regret. The entire CD itself is rather catchy and hard to get out of your head. What's really amazing is how motivated this band is. Three of their tours so far have been independent and self-booked. Their full-length album "Together You and I Soar to the Moon" was self-produced. ABQ already has a faithful fan basis in Central New York "...amidst one of the toughest hardcore scenes on the planet" (taken from their PureVolume page). For a band coming from a part of the country with such a notorious hardcore scene, ABQ is definitely on the softer side--at times, you may not even be able to tell what Mike is saying, due to his soft voice. But this EP is heartfelt, melodic, and the band is incredibly determined. For these reasons, Anorexic Beauty Queen just may have what it takes to go far.

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