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  • Artist: Another Engine
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 619981061124
  • Item #: CDBY106112
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/28/2003
  • This product is a special order
Price: $14.69
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Astromagnetic on CD

ALL MUSIC GUIDE - New York City-based, 'Another Engine' provides a bit of a respite for many of us who have grown increasingly weary of a predominately tepid rock scene. With the quartet's second effort, the listener will be treated to a hodgepodge of disparate themes and notions sans the proverbial lead guitar pyrotechnics and histrionics. Here, guitarist Andrew Vitiello injects hardcore crunch chords, 60's style psychedelic treatments, blistering wah-wah induced progressions, and twanging rhythmic patterns into a mix, brimming with solid backbeats, and odd metered time signatures. Furthermore, vocalist Marco Ribeiro shines forth as a more than capable front man who is equally adept at expressing angst, rebelliousness, or executing quaint lyricism and heartfelt balladry. More importantly, the musicians' convey a tightly organized approach; yet allow themselves ample breathing room on pieces that might capture a Led Zeppelin feel, or a good old progressive rock style electro-acoustic ballad. Hence, a solid and altogether refreshing effort from an aggregation of enthusiastic musicians who deliver the goods in prominent fashion! NEWSDAY - On the opening 'Adult Swim,' Another Engine - singer Marco Ribeiro, guitarist Andrew Vitiello, bassist Billy Vitiello and drummer, Danny Aviles - sticks it's toe in the spacey, prog-ish water before jumping into the guitar-drenched pool, which is presumably teeming with piranha from the way they are playing. And that's how much of the long-awaited 10-song second album feels: Another Engine likes to pop the clutch and sometimes grind the gears on 'Astromagnetic.' The hard-rock hook of 'Chemagrin' would be at home on KROCK, if there were any justice in the music biz. And 'Mood Organ' is reminiscent of STP. The boys turn up the intensity on the humorously titled 'Unwelcome Pineapple,' adding handclaps during Ribeiro's refrain of 'I'm soaking in my underwear/And I don't care.' What does he mean, exactly? Depends. VILLAGE VOICE - Another pop/rock band, but unlike the quarter-pounders I flip into the garbage upon receipt at the Voice, this band brings the hard hooks that make me look. Mike Patton-inspired raucousness hasn't sounded this flippantly good since Faith No More, minus Patton's more treacherous, unpredictable textures. SOUNDWERKZ.COM - Album 'Astromagnetic' is one of the top hard/alternative submissions that I have received in the past 6 months in terms of obvious talent and depth. Quality musicians, vocalist, and a quality recording. I've listened twice through the entire album. 'Mr. Samuels' is my fav track so far. These guys are worth checking out.

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