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  • Artist: Antione Hayes
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 600097172460
  • Item #: SRD717246
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Release Date: 9/14/2004
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
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Antione Hayes has been called 'An example of God's grace, mercy, and redemption' - powerful words. However, these words have not been put upon him without much scrutiny, nor has he accepted them without much humility. Antione Hayes is a man whose character has been strengthened by finding triumph through tragedy - a process which sometimes seems to be impossible to see to fruition. He spent most of his young adulthood both using and selling drugs. After several arrests and numerous failures to turn his life around, he began to experience extreme separation from that which had kept him safe and secure as a young boy - friends and family. Antione's lifestyle finally caught up with him in September of 2001. He was facing a possible ten year prison sentence and on a fast downward spiral. Unfortunately, 'finding God' has become a convienient cliché for those who sometimes find themselves at the end of the road. However, that wasn't Antione's position, in fact, he wasn't even looking. However, God was. It has been said that God doesn't call those who are qualified - yet, God qualifies those who are called. Antione Hayes is the epitome of that statement. Antione believes his music to be more than just rap, he sees it as ministry. Hip Hop is mearly the tool that he uses to spread the message of God's love and forgiveness. Out of the darkness of empty words, the glorification of drugs, alcohol, and violence, the degregation of females, and a myriad of isms, comes light. Light which contains the message of endless posiblities from someone who isn't just talking about it, but someone who has lived it. Someone who just isn't speaking from his head, but from his heart. Antione's goal is to glorify God the father and exalt his son Jesus Christ and when you listen to his music you will come to understand that his goal is well within reach.