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On My Own
  • Artist: Anton Leuba
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 7320470078228
  • Item #: CDBY078228
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 4/3/2007
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $14.95

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On My Own on CD

Hi, My name is Anton Leuba and you have just found your way to my debut album on! Buy it now and enjoy my music wherever you'd like (I mean you won't need this page to listen to them if you buy the album). Okay, I was born on the 30th of June 1988 and have created and created and created since then. I'm a bit over-creative actually and that can be damn annoying from time to time but mostly it's a positive thing. If I would ever be given the opportunity of having superpowers I would love to be able to stop time, so that I had a chance to do everything I want to do. I've been working on this album, On My Own, since I was twelve basically. It was then I wrote the first version of Why did you go? After that it just kinda kept coming. I kept writing new songs, playing my keyboard and dreaming of a future as a popstar. When I in late 2004 made a new version of Why did you go?, I also composed the music for the first time with the computer. That's when this album really began to take form. After that I've worked on creating music to my already existing songs and of course I wrote lots of new songs as well. After two long years I had an album ready to release! When I went to elementary school I was in a musicclass, it was most choir singning but I still learnt a lot from that. The coolest thing we did I think was when we sang for Dalai Lama when he was in Sweden in June 2003. The title track, On My Own, is dedicated to my two younger brothers. The song is about growing up and learning to stand on own two feet or to "spread your wings" as a line in the song goes. Since I've practically made the whole album on my own as well it is an even more suitale title for the album.