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Christmas Around the Hearth
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Christmas Around the Hearth on CD

Christmas Around the Hearth is for people who want to celebrate the season without the religious aspects. It is a mixture of mellow and lively tunes, mostly instrumental dating from 1200 to Victorian times. It has a Medieval flavor. It is amazing to hear the carols played on the ancient instruments. One of the vocals, The 'Boar's Head Carol' is sung at a feast at the Oxford College in England every Christmas since the 1200's! It's actually based on an even older Norse song from the 900's. Liner notes include histories of the songs you thought you knew. This CD is a refreshing take on the old standards and carols you may have not heard before. Great for Medieval feasts! George & Anwyn Leverett BIO Ancient, Traditional & Contemporary Celtic Music 2007 marks the 15th anniversary of the acclaimed Celtic music duo, George & Anwyn Leverett. They have played such diverse venues as Celtic and Blue Grass festivals, Nevada casinos, pubs, fairs, school assemblies and sold-out concerts. They performed the 'Green Show' of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival for seven years, before moving to Oregon. They have a passion for Irish and Scottish music that proclaims itself with each performance. Ancient, traditional and contemporary Celtic music comes to life with their wide variety of old world instruments. Anwyn and George play Irish fiddle, cittern, guitar, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, zither, hammer dulcimer, bowed psaltery, penny whistle & recorder but George's main instrument is the beautiful self-made 36 string 'Lady Harp' They blend a kaleidoscope of sounds and textures that makes no two songs sound the same. George hand-built all the old-world instruments used on their recordings for the best possible tone and authenticity. The combination of these rare, ancient instruments creates a beautiful ethereal sound that is no longer available in modern music. Their CDs, Skye Boat, Songs from Shadow Wood, Altar Wind and Christmas Around the Hearth have sold over 50,000 copies. Relaxation and gentle peace are the keywords to describe this collection of CDs. Skye Boat has an 'ocean feel', Songs from Shadow Wood has a 'forest feel', Altar Wind is 'open and airy and reflective'. Their new release, Hearth Light is a cheery collection of jigs & reels, with 3 light vocals, as warm and lazy as a walk down an Irish country lane and bright as a dancing candle flame. George & Anwyn Leverett's music is played on Celtic music radio shows across the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Russia and Brazil. For more information visit their web site at For information on old world instruments hand built by George Leverett go to