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Ear Candy
  • Artist: Aoede
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 736915683426
  • Item #: CDBY568342
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/10/2006
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Ear Candy on CD

It is invisible, yet it's presence is undeniable. It is the wall that separates the performer from the audience. This barrier has been known to cripple some artists while forcing others to break through, thus allowing them to discover their audience and themselves. The folk-laced, pop-rock San Francisco trio of Lisa Sniderman, David Sands, and John Walden, better known as Aoede, have recently garnered positive reviews for their ability to seemingly demolish this wall. Inspired by their desire to connect with audiences, Aoede formed in 2005. Sniderman drew from real-life personal experiences to conjure up songs that were as revealing as they were melodic. Armed with well-written tunes that combined the sincerity of Aimee Mann with the dark undertones of Nick Cave, Aoede immediately grabbed listeners' attention by crafting a debut EP, Ear Candy, that was "emotive and emotionally intelligent" (Corazine). Most appealing, however, was Sniderman's "catchy lyrics coupled with strong vocals" that promised to keep listeners "coming back for more" ( With a strong - yet warm and inviting - voice, Sniderman offered a penchant for distinct vocal melodies. She allowed her enunciation on Ear Candy to ebb and flow in a manner not heard since Morrissey. Aoede soon embarked on a nationwide radio and print campaign for Ear Candy. Promoted by Massive Music, the EP was picked up by nearly 50% of the radio stations to whom it was advertised. Notable markets included Chicago, Portland, Olympia, and San Antonio. Ear Candy's retail and on-air success have since allowed Sniderman and Sands to perform extensively throughout their region. They have established themselves in the competitive San Francisco café and club scene - no easy task, by any means. Finally, with a recently recorded album set to be released in the summer of 2007, Aoede are now poised for considerably more exposure. In Greek mythology, Aoede was the muse of song. Sniderman is the rare vocalist who draws inspiration from her many muses and then is able to transfer that inspiration to listeners. If there really is a wall that forms once an artist takes the stage, it may help to think of Aoede's music and lyrics as the powerful - yet gentle - hammer capable of bringing down the wall. AOEDE'S NEW ALBUM-JUST RECORDED-EXPECT JANUARY 2008 RELEASE!

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