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  • Artist: A.P.L.
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101315418
  • Item #: CDBY131541
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 6/24/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $16.76
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Appleblossom on CD

AppleBlossom, the first album by Apl (the project of singer/songwriter Adam Lindquist) features a dozen tracks with intimate reflections on his childhood, fleeting loves, and the eternal search for meaning. Intertwining childhood audio clippings with a fusion of chamber pop, indie rock and progressive folk, the result is both intimate and reminiscent, playing like a home movie of Lindquist\'s life. AppleBlossom was recorded and produced primarily in Lindquist\'s bedroom. Additional instrumentation comes from Sam Huff and Josh Kidd. The melding of dynamic guitar, piano and mandolin lines and his tender vocals combined with an often robust percussion track, Apl can be compared to Sufjan Stevens, Owen, and Cat Stevens. Adam Lindquist - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards, Piano, Bass Sam Huff - Percussion, Drums Josh Kidd - Guitar, Bass, Background Vocals - A review of \'AppleBlossom\' taken from a piece by Bonnie Dunbar - Apl\'s music revisits youthful memories with a curious mixture of echoing piano and humble mandolin, producing music that is both softly soothing yet truthfully powerful and energetic, bringing these memories to life once again. Adam Lindquist explains, "I write because it helps put my life and my emotions within a frame, so I can look at it, see it from a distance and hopefully grasp it's beauty.  Then hopefully others can see what I see, for good or bad.\' AppleBlossom allows the brilliant incorporation of dialogue recordings from his childhood to set the scene and introduce a song. Lindquist artistically pairs up the feelings of audio recording and music of song so that the result is somewhat of an ode, reflection, or response to the memory. From here, the grounding point of a single voice, the music pours in and takes off bringing you to the emotional realization of a nostalgia that isn't exactly your own, but somehow also is. From these audio recordings of family interactions are words spoken so true they enable an uncanny familiarity of not necessarily the person or memory, but the exact feeling being felt. These recordings are what aids in the personal setting allowing the listener to appreciate more than just the sound of the music playing. To hear the voices of family interactions and children, you are cordially invited into Lindquist's world where the listener understands the living memory and in a way is a part and participant of the feeling and song. The listener is able to identify with the voice and hear Apl's music to understand the significant message between the two; the importance of addressing the past with the artistic beauty it deserves. 'AppleBlossom' is like a familiar mosaic family portrait, captured in it's essence, and artfully woven into music that reaches out to touch you. As an active participant, the audience is left with a true connection and the bittersweet moment that distinguishes life from memory.

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