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Apocalypse Wow!
  • Artist: Apocalypse Wow!
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 798546214424
  • Item #: SRD621442
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/12/2004
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Apocalypse Wow! on CD

Rising from the ashes of legendary Venice hardcore band SCAREDYCAT, APOCALYPSE WOW! Boast a more melodic - yet still apocalyptic - expression of musical chaos. Confronting nuclear denial through sarcasm and punk rock anthems, APOCALYPSE WOW! Remind us of the tenuous state of the world. Titles like 'Spring Break Babylon,' 'She's The (Dirty) Bomb!,' 'I'll Kill Nader Myself,' and 'Satan Has Left The Building' typify this three three-piece band's sense of humor, which may be more than a touch morbid. The opening track is an absurd 1950's-era nuclear educational lesson layered over a speedy surf beat. It sets the tone for the thunderous, desperate, catchy songs that follow. 'Finally a f***ing band that's got it right. Someone has released a political punk record that has a sense of humor and doesn't pander to angsty crybaby political emos, and artlessly mindless anarcho-screamos. This cadre of radicals, who go by the names T-ball, Scott and Shahboz, have somehow smashed crash & bash hardcore and slamming noisecore together into a stick of dynamite concealed in a tiny plastic container. There's nothing straight up about it as it bleeds one sub-genre into another, fleshy vocals bleeding all over concrete chords. They are mostly high-speed merchants ramming against the oppression of heavy metal (dig this great title: 'Slaves to the Metal Horde') and other brands of fascism. The songs are curt and the tone is caustic, but there is a sense of ironic awareness built into the danger. I could pick apart each song and describe it's finer points, but this is a record to be heard. Don't know how well distributed this will be, but find somewhere and pass it around.' - SHREDDING PAPER JUNE '05 'This nuclear-powered trio delivers a payload of crunchy, noisy and fast punk that definitely has that BLACK FLAG-meets-surf-music punk edge.' - MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, December 2004 'Apocalypse WOW! Bring some raw fast punk, with metally and hardcore and grind bits thrown in. The production is a bit on the raw side giving it a nice edge. Good lyrics too, political and humorous at times. Good stuff from this 3 piece. 13 tracks in 17 minutes.... finished off with a few words from the one and only Dubya!' -HARDCORE TIMES, Ireland, October 2004 'Bracing anti-war, anti-bigot sentiments can be heard on the self-titled debut album from LA's Apocalypse WOW! The idea of lacing hardcore punk with '60s surf guitar 'n' drums is far from new, but these guys use the latter elements for propulsion rather than ornamentation. Radiation-burn surf meditations like 'Journey To The Center Of The South Bay' and 'Point Doom' fill me with civic pride. A-' -MEANSTREET, March 2005.