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Cellar Songs
  • Artist: Apollo
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 606041316423
  • Item #: 297174X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/15/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $7.19
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Cellar Songs on CD

Apollo is a band, and how cliche. Two best friends, with too much time, and a shared love for music. But here we are. After almost a year of hard work and building their dream from scratch, Apollo has in their hands for you, a brand new album. And when it takes them that much time to complete their project, you know it is exactly the way they wanted it to turn out. Sprung out of previous music projects, Dan and Dave (Dave and Dan, depends who you ask) have been around the block. With a handful of previous CD's in their catalog, they know how to get things done. Especially when it comes to making music that people want to listen to. Before they were musicians, they were listeners. Audiophiles who loved the sound of rock 'n roll and a great song. That's what's different about these guys. They know what people like to hear, because they are just a couple of fans too. And that's why this new album, 'Cellar Songs', is really something special. Every track is different. No two sound the same. Spanning many genres including pop, blues, straight up rock 'n roll, and heart-felt ballads, each track is unique. Recorded entirely in their project studio, these 8 tracks display the cunning insight of both of these growing musicians. Over the course of nearly 12 months, they picked apart the songs they had written, listening for the best take, the best lick, the best song. And with nothing but their own time to waste, they got exactly what they were looking and listening for. Now they know that every musician, garage band rocker or opera singer, has big dreams. And they are no exception. Except, they won't settle for anything less than what their imaginations dream of. This truly is the beginning of something great, and they are thrilled that you might choose to come along for the ride. So sit back, relax, they're doing the hard work, and enjoy the eclectic music of apollo.

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