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Sex in America
  • Artist: April
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 704186434627
  • Item #: SRD643462
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/20/2005
  • This product is a special order
Price: $14.69
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Sex in America on CD

Hey DUDE! You too, Dudette... April's singing 'bout Slammers, Whammers and Sex Hammers lookin' to score. Hear how they all get Naked and Exposed and busted! April's lookin' for LOVE! Yeah! She's lookin' for LIFE, candy, flowers, and Romance with SAFE SEX or NO SEX. So, watch out all you bad Dudes 'cause here she comes!!!! She's comin' to your hood - to your neighborhood... And your ipod too... With her lyrical honesty and innocent melodic rock style this Sexy young girl sez, Sex without love is a loaded gun. So you better run..... Call 911???? Hanky Panky Swanky girls, A.I.D.S. can kill you, haven't you heard?? Sleepin' around is so absurd.?!! So just Stop! Take ten!. And listen to her CD - because her songs are rockin' your hood - And your ipod too... Influenced by artists as diverse as the Beatles, Tori Amos, Sheryl Crow, Nirvana, No Doubt and Bjorg, it's no wonder people stopped comparing her to other artists. 'I'd like to think that when people hear my music they know it's definitely me. I mean what's the use of being a clone? Leave that up to the cookie-cutter factories who lack imagination.' This up-and-coming singer/songwriter may be young, spunky and weird but don't let that fool you as this artist is far from green. It is evident that the more you listen to her intimate lyrical thoughts and ideas the more you realize that she is an endless fountain of youth and creativity ready to explode on the music scene.

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