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White Sparkle
  • Artist: Aqualove
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 616892612827
  • Item #: SRD261282
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/26/2004
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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White Sparkle on CD

After 2+ years in the making, Aqualove's first major musical release, titled WHITE SPARKLE is launched. Aqualove began with the breakup of Athens legendary band, Fuzzy Sprouts, in summer 2000. At that time, newly ex'ed Sprout Tim Conley grouped together some close friends and musical co-conspirators to form the band Aqualove. Aqualove soon developed a richly textured, fat sound featuring multiple guitars, 3-4 part vocal harmonies, saxophone and a style unlike any other. Beginning with Conley's songwriting, the band fleshed out the compositions with world-class performances and wide-ranging influences. WHITE SPARKLE represents the band's crowning achievement thus far. It features 19 musicians through 15 songs, totalling 59+ minutes in length. Basic tracks were laid down, straight to digital ProTools 24 track, at Chase Park Transduction Studio with Daniel Rickard as engineer. Overdubs of guitars, sound effects, keyboards/synthesizers, horns, vocals and computer processes happened at Boulevard Gold Traxx (Tim's bedroom/kitchen studio). Tim also mixed the album at home, which took a solid 9 months... lending a distinct baby-gestational tinge to the process. WHITE SPARKLE includes: Timi Conley: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, piano, percussion, computer loops and processes Neil Fountain: bass guitar Robin Fuller: vocals Elissa Hadley: vocals Seth Hendershot: acoustic and electric drums, sound effects Andrew Reissiger: electric guitar Julia Schoening: vocals Sara-J Ursrey: vocals With extra performances by: Ben Coolik: synthesizer Zoey Conley-Mullis: giggles and squeals, heartbeat George Davidson: saxophone Dave Domizi: upright bass John James: saxophone Amanda Kapousouz: violin Andrej Kurti: violins Bain Mattox: banjo, accordion, vocals Rob McMaken: cümbüs Angela Mullis: rap Michael Wegner: electric guitar Content is a major component of this work. The album plays like a story on several layers. WHITE SPARKLE is actually sub-titled (in a deliberate nod to Bowie's 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars') 'The Fall and Rise of Fuzzy Chakralust and the Photon Riders from the Stars.' The subtitle alludes to the partially enshrouded musical, emotional progression of the album. It is an epic of personal crisis, then redemption. Lost and Found. Each song subsequently has it's own subtitle, as though each was a movement or chapter in the story. The subtitles elaborate on the story's progression. Lastly, the work exists in two parts, much like acts of a play, the first part chronicling the fall of Fuzzy Chakralust, the second part telling the story of Fuzzy's transformation and rise. The unique treatment of this work, through writing, recording, performances and mixing style, has resulted in a musical innovation. From the opening phrase of it's first song, through the resonance of it's final notes, WHITE SPARKLE is music you have never heard before.