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  • Artist: Aqueduct Pocket
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101044981
  • Item #: SRD104498
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 5/31/2005
  • This product is a special order
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You walk into a local rock club, not knowing what to expect from the upcoming band. The band takes the stage, and a classic guitar riff breaks the silence while the band settles into a funky-cool groove that immediately has you bobbing your head. The groove lasts just long enough before it builds to an aggressive crescendo and then backs off into some chilled-out reggae only to break into some up-tempo ska that has you bouncing right out of your socks. You find yourself rocking out to one song, chilling out to the next, while the band pumps out booty-shaking grooves that you can't help but dance to. Later that night you are singing the chorus of your favorite Aqueduct Pocket song on the ride home. Aqueduct Pocket doesn't look like the average band, nor does it sound like the average band. Take a blue-collar, immensely skilled drummer (Dominic Torres) who understands how to drive the pulsing ebb and flow of the set with dynamics and rock-solid beats. Add a funky-fresh bass player (Micah Stark) who lays down solid bass lines while he entertains the crowd with an ebullient stage presence. Add to that a guitarist (Steve Robbins) raised on classic riffs who occasionally takes a break from layering-in texture to dazzle the crowd with Santana-esque solos. And finally, add a lead singer (Kurt Spurgin) who pours everything into emotive lyrics while always keeping the crowd grooving with funky guitar licks and driving choruses. Aqueduct Pocket, a 4-piece original band from Indio, California, makes music that isn't restricted to any particular style or even one single chain of thought. Their music uses compelling grooves, tight beats and solid bass lines to blend elements of funk, rock, blues, jazz, and reggae; creating a sound that is truly unique. As one reviewer has noted, Aqueduct Pocket's music 'rocks, but it grooves enough that you can dance to it.' The band was originally the brainchild of Kurt Spurgin who had written and recorded 9 original tracks in his home studio in 2000 and 2001. Kurt used the resulting demo to recruit musicians who shared a similar vision and Aqueduct Pocket was formed in late 2002. Since then, the band has reworked Kurt's tracks and has written several new songs. The resulting material represents the combined vision of all of the band's members. Aqueduct Pocket has generated quite a buzz in the Palm Desert music scene in recent months. They have been interviewed on several occasions and have had four different tracks played on FM radio (M99.5 'The desert's new rock alternative'). The band has also been interviewed live and had live footage of one of their shows air on CBS. They have twice participated in M99.5's 'Rising Stars Showcase' with several nationally recognized artists. And, they have received favorable reviews by some of the desert's most widely- read publications: The Desert Sun and the Desert Post Weekly. Much of this buzz is the result of Aqueduct Pocket's exciting live shows. Fan response at local clubs has been overwhelming. In two separate 'Battle of the Bands' competitions in Palm Springs, Aqueduct Pocket made it to the finals in both events; demonstrating that they have a sound that appeals to a wide variety of listeners. This sound and their dynamic stage presence have prompted another reviewer to describe them as 'a great party band'.

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