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Between You and Me
  • Artist: Ara
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479962868
  • Item #: 1360500X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 12/17/2008
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Between You and Me on CD

Ara is a musician trained as a classical percussionist. But during a trip to get a sub sandwich while counting rests in an opera performance of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro, he thought it might be fun to do a bit more musically. So he began exploring the possibilities. Ara has played in Steel drum bands and studied Brazilian guitar. He has sung at open mic nights next to cowboys in Nashville and hippies in Oregon. He has played in blues bands, organ trios, jazz and rock bands. He has opened for old rockers, played for the mayor and once played in a bar so empty that even the bartender left. He even sang in the choir for several operas (until they found out that he was a drummer.) I am Ara. My childhood was filled with music as my mother played classical piano and my father played guitar and sang many of the popular folk and rock songs of his time. I'm told that my first musical adventures occured on the kitchen floor with spoons and pans. It didn't get any easier for my parents as I had a drum set in the bedroom while a teen. I used to love Led Zeppelin and Phil Collins. Later in college I immersed myself in listening to what was going on in the music of Art Blakey, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis. I started to enjoy the sounds of Sade and Sting. I love to play along with almost anything on Putamayo and especially like Senegalese, South American, and New Orleans rhythms. But all of those hours spent around opera: singing and in the pit, have left their mark too. I compose songs and write the lyrics- usually sort of at the same time, but some songs take a while to come out right. I play all of the parts and sing- recording in my home studio. There is a period of fine tuning the mixing and mastering to produce a CD. I also enjoy making the artwork to go along with the album. My hope is that I have made music that you will enjoy. Ara Press Release Solo musician releases Between You and Me, introduces 'Archestroll' as a new genre Does the music you hear much of today truly resonate in a meaningful way in your life? Have you heard the latest award winning song with lyrics from a bubble gum commercial used as it's hook? How would someone stumble across substantive musical expression amidst a cacophony of successful commercial projects? It would be tough. And that is why I am writing this. I am Ara. My album Between You and Me is my reason for issuing this press release. It is an album which contains no virtuosic performances- I play all the instruments. It has no 'catchy hooks', in fact rarely do the songs even have a repeated chorus. The songs are not meant to be listened to in the background- they are dramatic storytelling tunes. There is no glossy production- I have done it all, from the cover art to mastering in my converted garage to pausing recording while an airplane flies overhead. It was a tough process, and they tell me indie promotion is even tougher! Between You and Me follows the arc of a relationship. Nothing new here, some times are good and some are rough. It opens with Think of You -a snappy musing about someone special. Lyrically the special person is drawn closer 'anytime I think of you...anytime I'm near you......anytime I'm with you'. My Mrs is a funny song in a two step country dance style 'I've heard 'em say don't mess with Texas, don't mess with...' well, I don't want to give it away. Unbridled feels like soft jazz as it ponders being together 'I want it your way, I want it my way... but sometimes....' Lands End is where the relationship starts to fray. From a distant place guitars build until they threaten to blow my studio speakers 'to reach you baby, I would crawl to lands end, but then you push me over.' On the Line continues to simmer in the aftermath of an arguement 'didn't you want to make a new start, on and on I'm waiting.' Bring Me is a latin ballad featuring favorite sounds of flute and Spanish guitar in which reconcilliation is sought. Pretty Little is a bouncy celebration of love 'Jai un amore infini, ma cher.' The album closes with the title track Between You and Me which employs an orchestra of strings and percussion to expound upon ' between you and me there is nothing, between you and me there is everything, between you and me there is one thing.' So what's up with Archestroll? Well it has been pointed out to me that it is very important to be able to identify what type of music I make. My background is that I am a classically trained percussionist with a fine arts degree. I've been a singer/ songwriter for years going back to when I'd sit in at open mics at the Bluebird cafe in Nashville. Later I sang in various operas in Eugene, Oregon while studying voice. But through it all I loved to play drum set. I've played in rock, jazz, and blues bands. Thus, in the music I compose I strive to bridge together the power, beauty, grace, and emotion expressed through all of these genres. I use lots of strings, I strum the guitar, I pound the drums, and I sing like John Denver on steroids. Well, all except the last part. These songs are in the genre of archestroll- an arch that stretches from orchestral to rock'n roll to be dramaticly expressive. In closing I want to invite you to listen to Between You and Me. You can find it at I believe you will enjoy and be entertained by all or part of it.

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