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Don't You Weep & Moan
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Don't You Weep & Moan on CD

The Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation is keeping East Coast acoustic folk blues alive. Through weekly Saturday jams, performances, workshops, exhibits, lectures and producing CDs, the AEBHF carries on the educational tradition of celebrated Piedmont blues artist Archie Edwards. Archie Edwards (1918-1998) grew up in rural Franklin County, Virginia where he learned to play the guitar from his father. After serving in the US Army during World War II, he moved to Washington, DC. A bluesman, teacher, barber, and storyteller, Archie opened the Alpha Tonsorial Palace in Northeast Washington DC in 1959. Over the years, it became a Saturday afternoon gathering place for aspiring musicians, young and old, African American and white. The barbershop became renowned as a place where musicians of every level of expertise were welcome to perform for and with each other. Until his death at the age of 79, Archie continued spreading the message of the Piedmont Blues in his barbershop, on recordings, and on tours all over the world. To keep the barbershop and Archie's spirit alive, friends and fellow musicians joined together to form the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation. Archie's Barbershop is the foundation's home and serves as a museum and educational center, a place for social interaction and community outreach, and as a memorial and tribute to Archie and the blues musicians and traditions of the region. The Saturday afternoon jams held at the Barbershop are the highlight of the week for musicians and friends who come to play, learn, and just listen. During the weekly jams, we do what musicians do when they get together to have fun. Someone starts a song and as people feel comfortable, they join in. It is not a performance, so people sometimes will play songs they are learning or even just hoping to learn. Some people in the group are accomplished musicians and others are beginners. Expect friendship and a musical conversation - not a polished act. This CD is something else. We asked many of the jam regulars to Polish a couple tunes and get 'em right. Many of the musicians features teach at music camps, perform regularly and have CDs of their own. Everybody volunteered their time because the sales of this CD help maintain the foundation. Archie once said that the Blues was like a relay race. He had it, and he would hand it over to us, and our job is to hand it to the next generation. . This CD is part of that tradition.

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