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Joy Ride
  • Artist: Area 203
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479134814
  • Item #: SRD913481
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 6/21/2005
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $19.36

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Joy Ride on CD

The question is where to begin when explaining the origins of Joy Ride. Lauren Field, Courtnay's older sister, worked for years perfecting her operatic voice and attending vocal lessons. Courtnay would stand outside the door of her class and in an unnoticeable way listen in on what was being said. As in 'Chorus Line' she would say to me, ' I can do that!' Like her sister, Courtnay had a great voice, but unlike her sister she had the uncanny ability to make up stories and fit them to music. Rythmicly she could fit ideas into musical phrases and make them dance. She had the advantage of having a father, me, who could write music and encourage her with her singing. Unfortunately I am not a famous musician with lots of cash hanging around so all I can do is tell the world that if you don't hear her you are missing a fantastic talent. This is Courtnay's first CD, and working with the musicians of Area 203 she has brought to life her own musical ideas. Starting with 'Gonna Get Cha,' Courtnay presents the premise that if you stick around for a while she is gonna get cha with this CD and she will. Just when you think you are comfortable with the genre she hits you with ' Now I Know ' which gives you a hint of some of the problems she has been through, even as a 21 year old. From the busy ' Now I Know' she suddenly switches gears to the almost mournful and plaintive ' This Moment.' The title number 'Joy Ride' is one of the best songs around and can't help but capture your imagination if you just listen! Courtnay wrote 'Feeling Lonely' for her college roomate who is serving in Iraq. See what she can do with just one repeating note in 'It's In the Music.' As a favor to me she sung the song that I wrote 'Shades of Blue.' I do think that you will love it even if I did write it. It talks about breaking up and the pain of starting out all over again. 'All I Breathe is You' is about a boyfriend and is rich in it's simplicity. 'On a Beach' is uplifting and will take you to an island somewhere in the Bahamas. 'What's a Girl to Do'--the age old problem of the unfaithful lover. Joy Ride is a CD which took two years to make. This CD is a winner. Listen and enjoy--Bob Field-her proud father!