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Aris Collection
  • Artist: Aris
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479213106
  • Item #: SRD921310
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 12/6/2005
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Aris Collection on CD

The early days: In the year 1984 Aris was founded by Sven Gallinsky and his frieds. They played all around the South of Germany and won the Rock Testival in Reutlingen 1991. The winning price, was a CD-recording. The CD with the title Aris 'Epilog', was recorded 1992. In the year 1993 the band take off. In this time, Sven G. played keyboards in several different bands, and in 1997 he recorded the CD 'Open Your Eyes' with the band Destiny. The new Aris: In the year 1998 Sven G. left the band Destiny built with his brother Carsten G. The ARTist Tonstudio, and founded the new Aris band with Carsten G. and some musician friends from the old Aris and some other bands. The Music: In 1999 the new Aris recorded their professionally album Aris 'Rain Dries'. Aris plays melodic, soft rock, with slight progressive influences. The music comes straight from the heart. The vocals of Carsten are crystal clear, and very very good to listen to as he has a wonderful affectionate style. The Aris CD was reviewed in several European Rock Magazines and songs from Aris reachead the online charts up to #2 in Mexico, Brazil, Italie, England and Austria. The Line up: Carsten Gallinsky -vocals Frank Gallinsky -vocals Andeas Pfisterer - guitars Frank O. Will - drums and percussions Marco Brida - bass Sven Gallinsky - keyboards -vocals.