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  • Artist: The Arkitecht
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479918544
  • Item #: SRD991854
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 12/2/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $17.39
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Hyperstructure on CD

The Arkitecht is a one-man band created by Genaro Ochoa in Mexico City. The idea of the project is to be non-dependable on other musicians to accomplish a 'band' sound. It is a blend of metal and progressive sub-genres thus resulting in an intrincated combination of styles. The Album Hyperstructure was recorded in Genaro's homestudio in Mexico City and was mixed and mastered in Montepellier, France by the upcoming producer Brett Caldas-Lima (Freak Kitchen, To-Mera, Cynic). The package comes with a beautiful 24 page Booklet with designs and images by very talented artist from Chile and Germany Hyperstructure is an album with two concepts inside: The first half of the album which consists of six songs, are housed by the actual Hyperstrucutre concept. It is a short tale about a common man, a John Doe, who suddenly starts questioning the world around him and seeks to find an answer to why things are so messed up in the times we live in. The second half of the album consists of just one song called Face Thief. This song is a complex progressive death metal epic. It has a full classical choir singing in Spanish and a full size orchestra reminiscent to contemporary soundtracks on the vein of motion pictures like Matrix, Avalon, etc. The song lasts 32 minutes of an everchanging and breathtaking journey. The story is about a serial killer who seeks to bring the life of a gifted artist to it's very ashes. A thriller on the vein of movies like Se7en, Fight Club, Lost Highway, etc. The project although a solo effort in many ways, has the brilliant contributions of very talented people. Among them, the YouTube sensation Cesar Huesca on guitar solos, Dante Díaz and Alvaro Lamadrid on the vocals and Lila Nieto behind the lyrics. The Arkitecht draws a new line between progressive music and metal, taking both currents even closer by blending contemporary forms of metal with atypical progressive approaches. Besides, the influence of classical and contemporary orchetral works give it a whole new sound that redefines symphonic metal in many ways.

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