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Rose Colored Waltzes
  • Artist: Arleigh Baker Benedict
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479433535
  • Item #: 1245529X
  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 11/22/2006
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Rose Colored Waltzes on CD

I am an Independent Artist, Composer of Polka, Waltz, Pop and Christian Music. My main instrument is the trumpet. I also play accordion and, less seriously, keyboard, guitar and bass guitar. My Mission is to provide an interesting library of happy polkas and graceful waltzes in the celebration of the genre for our generation and future generations to share. This CD features WALTZES FOR EASY DANCING and is especially designed as a GIFT CD for folks who may remember these old songs but can't find them anywhere else. Also included is a song that I wrote, called 'PRINCESS WALTZ', which is dedicated to my lovely wife. Arleigh Benedict Baker Songs and Credits on this CD: 1. Abendglocken - Austrian Folk Song, from the late 1800's 2. Black Hawk Waltz - by Mary E. Walsh 3. Böhmerwald Walzer - by Hans Bicherl arr. Anny de Leeuw 4. Cuckoo Waltz - Novelty Waltz circa 1900 5. Dakota Waltz - by Roman Gosz - arr. After Bob Sorem 6. Der Erste Schönauer - arr. After Martin Schwab 7. Erica's Waltz - Also known as 'Two Roses Waltz' 8. Gertrude's Dream Waltz - by Ludwig von Beethoven 9. Homecoming (Navrat Do Vlasti) - Traditional Bohemian 10. Innocence (Nevinny) - Traditional Bohemian 11. Owl Waltz - Waltz of the Early 1900's 12. Princess Waltz - by Arleigh B. Baker © 1998 13. Red Kerchief (C'ervenÿ S'atec'ek) Waltz - by Roman Gosz 14. Warren Waltz - Improvisation from memory 15. Who's Little Girl Are You Waltz- Improv. From memory.