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Summer's Voice
  • Artist: Arlon Bennett
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 700261209715
  • Item #: SRD120971
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 2/20/2007
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Summer's Voice on CD

Arlon Bennett is an Americana songsmith writing songs that recall Harry Chapin and vintage James Taylor, but with an eloquence, honesty, and sense of humor all his own. In short, Arlon's music tells of the human experience by bringing past relationships back to life and giving life to the inanimate. 'Summer's Voice' is Arlon's third and latest release (Red Sea Records). He let's you eavesdrop on a conversation with a Vietnam veteran, go a bus ride with Rosa Parks, and enjoy a red light on your third date, amongst other ordinary AND extraordinary vignettes. His foot-tapping songs will draw chills, laughs, and the contemplative 'Hmmm...' while he engages you with an All-American 'aw-shucks' charisma that you don't see around too often. Arlon's emergence in the Folk/Americana scene has grown steadily. While accumulating songwriting awards throughout North America, he has opened for such acts as Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Jill Sobule, Michael Smith, Lesley Gore, and has sung with Livingston Taylor. Arlon also was twice selected by Noel 'Paul' Stookey to perform in his Music-to-Life showcase featuring America's best songs of social consciousness. Arlon is equally proud that his lyrics to "The Ace in Grace" (from his 1999 debut, Fountain of Dreams) were used in the official statue dedication of late tennis champion, humanitarian and personal hero, Arthur Ashe. Recently, Arlon was invited by a presidential campaign to perform his song 'Be the Change' in a lineup that also included Bruce Hornsby, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Arlon's music also reached another playing field when the New York Mets chose the title track of 'Summer's Voice' to be featured in a tribute video to Hall of Fame sportscaster Bob Murphy before a packed house at Shea Stadium. There's always something meaningful in Arlon's songs because he recognizes the power of music to reach people. He gives his skills and talents to organizations like Hospice and "Wednesday's Child" (NBC/Philadelphia), and participates in fundraising efforts for numerous causes including the Hudson Valley Food Bank. Arlon is never afraid to experiment and push his boundaries. His inherent need to constantly evolve is unmistakable on 'Summer's Voice'. And his music always comes from the heart. "It's the most rewarding way to communicate," says Arlon. "I wouldn't have it any other way." Quotes: 'As a musical storyteller, Arlon has universal appeal. Everyone can relate to his core values, regardless of age or personal preference. A master of his genre, Arlon is a national treasure...' - Mary Romance, Roxbury Public Library after a recent concert. "Every decade or so, a voice appears on the folk music scene that makes you sit up and take notice. When that voice is paired with songs and lyrics that tell a story or sing of the human spirit, it is truly magical. That voice is Arlon Bennett, and his CD "The Watch Man" leaves you wanting more of this great talent. Listen to it. Listen again and again..." - Jane Falvey, WRIU Kingston, 90.3FM "Arlon has a gift for wrapping quiet introspection and pathos within melodies that you'll quickly find familiar.." - Sing Out! Magazine "Spiritual in tone, the music matches Arlon's acoustical brilliance with personal tales of woe and eventual triumph..." - The ROOM Magazine "..Arlon Bennett presents his stories in song using a variety of unique and compelling 'camera angles'. He is a singer/songwriter who brings you stories from unique perspectives, and draws you right in. His guitar work is masterful and blends so well with the spirituality of his music." - Singer Magazine April 2003 "Arlon, Going round one more time!" - Livingston Taylor.