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Homenaje a los Grandes
  • Artist: Armando
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101295291
  • Item #: CDBY129529
  • Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
  • Release Date: 11/20/2007
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $13.91

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Homenaje a los Grandes on CD

Titled: 'Homenaje a los grandes', this album honors the most influential makers and performers of the music of merengue, namely: Joseito Mateo, Johnny Ventura, Rafael Solano, Cuco Valoy, Wilfrido Vargas, Luisito Marti, Rubby Perez and Bartolo Alvarado ( El cieguito de Nagua ). All songs written and performed by Armando and arranged by Willy Olivero, Robertico Arias and Jorge Sosa. To seven merengues in total, Armando added two salsas: 'Wanda' and 'Conoci Santiago' and an acclaimed bolero 'No puedes permitir', that really enrich this production. Some of the better known merengue and salsa musicians from the Boston and New York areas, proudly took part in these recordings, among them: Robertico Arias, an experienced percusionist, arranger and director, Carlos de Leon on trompets (trompet solo on 'Wanda'), Jorge Najarro, percusionist and arranger ( timbal solo on 'Wanda' ), Jorge Sosa, pianist, arranger and director ( piano on all merengues and a solo on 'no puedes permitir' ), Gabriel Parra on saxophones, ( Lori Lebd, Sax solo on 'no puedes permitir' ), Eduardo Taveras on trompets ( six merengues and 'no puedes permitir' ) and Jose Gerrero on congas, tambora and guira on all merengues, except 'El unico Rey'. 'Orgullo Dominicano' is a merengue dedicated to Johnny Ventura. It recounts Venturas' career by rhythmicly naming some of his most popular hits. 'El unico Rey' reaffirms Joseito Mateo as the one and only 'king of merengue'. 'Lo vi bailando' dedicated to El Cieguito de Nagua, has already built it's own audience as much as 'Fiesta con Rubby', dedicated to Rubby Perez, also has. Alg Recordings is convinced that, for anyone who enjoys merengue, this CD may work it's way to become one of their favorites.