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Nha Pensamento (Re-Release)
  • Artist: Cheryl Hoenemeyer
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 786851063721
  • Item #: CDBY106372
  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 6/20/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $12.86
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Nha Pensamento (Re-Release) on CD

Armando de Pina In the middle of Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by four continents lies Cape Verde. It is a formation of 10 beautiful islands off the coast of West Africa. Brava the tiny island of flowers was to be the birth place of Armando de Pina. Immigration to America came early. The first voyage to the United States of America occurred in 1957 on the ship Ernestina, now anchored at New Bedford harbor in Massachusetts. After a brief return to Cape Verde, the same year, Armando de Pina embarked on the ship, 'Vera Cruz' to Lisbon, from there he would proceed to the United States. He wouldn't return to Cape Verde for another 9 years. In Cape Verde and in the United States, music always accompanied him. Frequent requests for his singing talent were common for cultural activities and special gatherings in the Cape Verdean community. In the year of 1959, he wrote the music to 'Sara' inspired by the love of Sara and Nana. Sara and Nana were from Brava and they were both good friends of Armando. "Sara" became one of Armando's most requested songs. In the year of 1963, walking on the beaches of Nantasket, Massachusetts, and missing of his birthplace, Armando de Pina wrote 'Mar E Morada De Sodade', today recorded by several renowned artists, among them, Cesária Evora and Bana. The following year, 'Djabraba 'N Ca Negabo' was composed. This piece probably defines best what Armando de Pina is all about. It is a song about longing for one's mother and home, Brava. At the same time, he pledges never to forget either. In 1985 a journey to Lisbon at a friends' insistence resulted in Armando's first album, 'Nha Pensamento' The compositions 'Mar E Morada De Sodade', 'Sara', and 'Djabraba 'N Ca Negabo' did quite well. Admirers were left wanting more. However, it would be several years before their wishes would be granted. Armando and his wife Eugenia had decided to move to Florida in 1988. Eugenia unfortunately passed away from cancer. The songwriting ceased for long time. However, after getting through this painful experience, Armando returned to New England in 1996 and married Maria and started to sing again.

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