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Banjo Special
  • Artist: Brian Taheny
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 775020467521
  • Item #: SRD046752
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 1/1/2005
Price: $20.61
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Banjo Special on CD

The Banjo Special' brings together three different styles from four of Canada's top banjo players. -Through two previous recordings, Chris Coole and Arnie Naiman have established themselves as two very fine clawhammer players that fit not only within the traditional genre, but continue to compose new music for the banjo as well. Their playing styles are both complimentary to each other and yet individually unique. - Brian Taheny, from Sligo, Ireland, is a tenor banjo player whose flurries of triplets, blue notes and rhythmic twists are technically demanding on the player and captivating to the listener. -Picking with the drive of a piston, bluegrass banjo player Chris Quinn is schooled in the traditions of the style and yet, is willing to step outside the boundaries of expectation. On The Banjo Special, the listener will find some music that is familiar and some that is unexpected. Coole, Naiman, Taheny and Quinn clearly show that the banjo is being played with range, repertoire and soul. It's in good hands! - 'The Banjo Special is just that, a very special recording. Don't miss it' - Tom Drunkenmiller - Sing Out Magazine - 'an album that can smoothly showcase great banjo playing in different styles can be hard to find. Here's a remedy for all that.' William H. Montague - Banjo Newsletter - 'This project should please banjo players and fans of well played banjo music alike. You could call this a banjo feast' Bob Buckingham - The Old Time Herald - 'This is one of those rare instrumental albums that is both consistently impressive and thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended!' Rick Anderson - All Music Guide.

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