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Love & Life
  • Artist: Arnold Jarvis
  • Label: CD Baby
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • UPC: 837101240062
  • Item #: CTY124006
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 10/17/2006
Price: $14.68
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Love & Life on CD

Love & Life [DOUBLE CD] - [SOULFUL HOUSE] DISC 1] A superb blend of songs like Take Good Care of Me, If I Stay, Justified Love, Billboard's Top 5 Breakout Sales Single, Let Love Slip Away, the seductive Basement Boys, Love of My Life, Rulers of the Deep, Be Right There Always, the exquisite Beautiful Love and Where Has Love Gone, Feelin' It and so much more. Productions by Alix Alvarez, Franck Rogers, Kerri Chandler, Aaron Ross, Louie Vega, Greg Gauthier, etc. [DISC 2] A slammin' mixed compilation by the remarkable Frankie Feliciano of Ricanstruction Label. Frankie gives an extra energy boost to some of Arnold's famous classics hits like And I Loved You, Life Goes On, Inspiration, Spread Love combined with a few remixes of the new. Plus the bonus track Music Is My Friend produced by Kerri Chandler. A MUST BUY! Everything that defines Arnold's incredible style and dulcet voice is evident in this double CD collection. His artistry feels timeless, his perspective universal. "Music is Love, Life, Tears and Sweat.....Music is Arnold Jarvis" - FRANCESCO from PERUGIA-ITALY ~~~~~~~ Biography Throughout his career, Arnold Jarvis has been nothing but consistent - consistent when it comes to getting noticed. His is a brilliant career that began at the prime of his youth. While only a teenager, his voice and talent landed him front and center of the Baltimore Gospel Choir for whom he was a prodigious soloist. In 1984, modest academic pursuits led him to New York City. However, his talent and love of music did not lie dormant for long. He was drawn to music industry circles and was quickly embraced by them. He began to write, perform and record. Among the more notable gems from this early period in his career are his collaboration with Fonda Rae on "You're The Best," a song written by Lem Springsteen (Mood II Swing) and produced by Kerri Chandler; and his debut single, "Take Some Time Out" (Fourth Floor Records) produced by Tommy Musto and Yvonne Turner, which enjoyed huge underground and global success. In the 90s, he made it known that he meant business and showed audiences everywhere that he was a force to be reckoned with. First came his guest appearance on Satoshi Tomiie's "And I Loved You" (FFRR, Polygram UK), produced by Grammy winner, Frankie Knuckles. Then followed the monumental classic, "Inspiration" (Freetown Records), produced by Kerri Chandler. He reached a new pinnacle and gained notoriety when he recorded Swing 52's epic songs, "Color of My skin" (FFRR/Cutting Records) and "The Joy You Bring" (Cutting Records), which he co-wrote. At around this time, he began touring the world and has since performed alongside the likes of Queen Latifah, Kenny Bobien, Barbara Tucker, Ultra Nate, Ce Ce Peniston, Loletta Holloway, Jocelyn Brown, and Byron Stingly, to name a few. The 21st century has seen increased impetus and creative output from Arnold. In fact, he's outdone himself and his already impressive legacy many times over. In 2000 alone, he released "Learn to Give" (Hysteria Records) produced by Eric Kupper; "Life Goes On" (MAW Records), the brainchild of his collaboration with legendary DJ/producer Louie Vega and vocalist Lisa Fischer; and "Special Kind of Love" (King Street Records) produced by Benji Candelario and remixed by Jazz and Groove. He then released his debut full-length album, Arnold Jarvis, "The Collection" (MFL Records), in 2002 and followed it with a string of extraordinary singles, including: "Love Of My Life" (West End Records) produced by the Basement Boys; "You've Let Love Slip Away" (King Street Records) which reached the top 5 on Billboard's Dance Sales chart; "Make The Time" which was written and produced by Blaze for Keep Hope Alive, a benefit CD for LIFE BEAT; and "Take Good Care Of Me" (Sole Channel Music). November 2006, Arnold will release his second full-length album, Love & Life on Music for a Lifetime Records (MFL). It is a double CD extravaganza, a collection of new and classic tunes produced by the likes of George Mena, Franke Estevez, Greg Gauthier, Antoine Leguerne, Aaron Ross and the JuMo Brothers. Disc 1 is a blended album, edited by Albert Cabrera, and Disc 2 is mixed, courtesy of DJ/producer, Frankie Feliciano. Among the new and noteworthy titles is the groove-heavy track "Justified Love," which is currently burning up the air and net waves. Upcoming singles include "If I Stay" (KIF Recordings), "The One" (Seasons Limited), and "Never Cared" which will be released in time for WMC 2007. Love & Life is yet another testament to the astonishing power of Arnold's voice and his creative genius. He is an artist who's demonstrated permanence and relevance. His songs elevate and resonate within us all. Arnold Jarvis is undoubtedly one of the most important vocalists in the industry today.

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